Does my caste matter to get into IIM?

The other day I was reading the chat transcripts in TIME website where students were asking about their chances of getting an IIM call based on their scores.

Student-1: I have a CAT percentile of 95.5 and I belong to general category. Do I have a chance of getting a call from the last 6 IIMs at least?

Prof: NO. Hardly any chances. Apply for other schools and IITs.

Student-2: I have a CAT percentile of 73.2 and I belong to SC category. What are my chances of getting an IIM call?

Prof: Very high chances . Prepare well for GD/PI. All the Best.

Now I think the situation is clear. How is 73.2>95.5? I want a satisfactory answer. If you say that reservation system was started to achieve equality and to raise the social status of backward classes, has it been achieved? From the past 60 years we have this system, did anything happen? In the past, they discriminated lower caste from upper castes and now they think that discriminating higher caste from lower caste in areas like education will solve the problem. I don’t see even 1% logic in this. Two wrongs don’t make a right.

India is a developing country. My father was also told the same thing during his childhood and I know even my children will have to listen to the same statement. When will India be called a developed nation? At least not until this reservation system is abolished. You can see Indian talent shining in other parts of the world and not in India. Yes,why not? When their own country has disowned them, what else can they do? It’s high time India awakens and takes measures to curb this system.

If the reservation system continues, there will be an anti-reservation movement just like the anti-corruption movement and when this occurs it will not only affect the political system of India but also the entire nation on a large scale in every sector.And that is because the movement will comprise mainly students and youth which will adversely affect the system in India.

I really hope that India wakes up to end the reservation system. Everybody should be treated equally and education must be merit based and not caste based. Education for all should be the motto. Financial assistance must be given to economically weak students. Standards must be raised with world-class infrastructure and opportunities. Only then can India expect to become a fully developed nation.