What’s Your Story…?

Oh Yeah! Why MBA..? Everyone will be dumbstruck at this question, at least for a while when three professors are staring at you, thinking what story you have cooked. That moment, we get confused whether to tell the prepared answer or what comes to your mind. It’s not so tough though, because we all have an answer for this, a well-prepared one!! Where we search in internet, collects the ideas, frame it as best as possible to sound professional and make that was our biggest reason to do MBA. But are they really going to be impressed with our well-prepared answer, Do they really hate if we speak what we have in our heart? And tell why we wanted to do MBA actually?

In my IIM Indore interview i did tell a story which I prepared for very long time, They weren’t happy. It might be because of other reasons that I could not impress the panel with my answer, but one thing I understood is that they will catch our stories within minutes. They can easily make out that whether it was a prepared one or not.

Even after giving my best prepared answer, I did not get selected and the rest is past. Well, again a year later when the time came up to prepare for that same question, I’m just struck. It is not like i do not have any answer or I cannot prepare for one, but the problem is i do have answers, but too many. May be this was the only question in my life, for which the answers are kept on changing with the time. The problem is which one to tell them?

The early days we were all fascinated by the success stories by famous business people and we desperately wanted to become one. We were hyper-active in extracurricular activities than academics and used to feel proud whenever we receive a certificate dreaming that it will surely count in our final battle. But, when our engineering completes, another story begins. We landed up in Software Company, thinking that our experience will boost our resume. With the time, we won’t realize that the dream of entrepreneur faded away because we know can’t invest. Finally something very interesting situations happen that we met somebody and we like them and we study together dreaming to be in same college and in the end our motive will be being with that person in same college! It might sound crazy, but it will happen! At least it happened with me! So which one we can tell to interviewer? Definitely not ‘For my girl/guy…’

The whole point here is we don’t need to mug up anything, MBA is our dream and we know it’s our passion, whatever the reasons might be. Just dare to express yourself and make the interviewers understand that why it is your dream. Then they should definitely like it! Hope you all have better or best answers!! ?