Does the world revolve around banks?

Had you asked me this question six months ago I wouldn’t have had a definite answer. But six months into NIBM and I can surely say banks do play a rather remarkable role in the Indian Economy, or how the fall of Lehman brothers led to a series of events and finally the global financial crisis. So to say that banks form the backbone of our economy wouldn’t be a hyperbole. So what’s the best way to be ahead of the curve when it comes to the financial markets and the economy?

Well if you’re a finance enthusiast like me, the best place to be at is National Institute of Bank Management (NIBM). The rigorous curriculum at NIBM ensures holistic growth of a person. Even a person who’s from a non-finance background would come out as one of the finest bankers that this country can produce. The program, the experienced faculties, the entire atmosphere is such that it leads to a comprehensive, knowledge-rich experience for the students. One such testimonial of the same is our Finance Club- “Vittarth” which is one of the biggest and most successful finance clubs of all B-schools. Alumni from our institute are working at many prestigious banks and FIs at senior positions.

The program that NIBM offers is a highly specialized one and focuses on banking and its basics from the very beginning.

That said, apart from studies NIBM also has a lot of student driven committees and being a part of one myself I can say it’s an experience of lifetime. It can instill a sense of duty, work ethics, how to be a team player. It can foster friendships that can last a lifetime. Life at NIBM is fast paced but it makes sure you’re industry ready. The lush green campus of 65 acres offers beautiful sights and the places are often sights for a sore eye.

It’s been a great experience so far, and hopefully, it’ll be even greater in the days to come.

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– SARTHAK SHARMA (Batch 2019-21)


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