Not well in time for the Valentine’s? Umm..Who cares!

Scene 1

You’re driving back home, you stop at a gift shop, select an extremely attractive gift, get it well wrapped, pay money, bring it home and hand it over to your wife with a smile on your face while wishing her a happy valentine’s day. She hugs you and wishes you the same. You both then light up a few candles, dim the room lights, put on romantic music, order food from the best restaurant in the town, and enjoy dinner with champagne.

Scene 2

It’s just another day. You reach home. Your wife has not cooked today.So, you order food from the nearest restaurant. You both eat dinner while discussing whatever happened during the day and then go to bed early as the day was long and tiring for both.


Here using our well developed perceptive skills we can clearly say that scene 1 represents a highly romantic situation while scene 2 is totally boring. We have a self established image of romance and boredom in our head. We know that life becomes boring on most routine days after marriage, as in scene 1. It’s only on some of the special days such as the Valentine’s, people actually get a chance to live the scene 1 and celebrate love.

Anyway, Now just suppose there is some additional information attached to the above mentioned scenarios.

What if the couple in scene 1 is faking the celebrations just to hide the fact that both are secretly cheating on each other?

And, what if the couple in scene 2 is actually in love with each other but both are just really tired and exhausted on a particular day.

Does it modify our perceptions now?

The point is that the presence or absence of love can change the whole context of a given scene. A romantic scene is just an additional external activity, if only present along with love can compliment it. If not, then shall not be mistaken for love itself. We forget that celebration and grandeur are not the essential prerequisites of love.

Love is as simple and as innocent as a child’s play. Love is either simply there or it’s missing completely and it doesn’t take huge efforts to express it to someone. Also, love doesn’t need society approved measures to get a formal recognition for its existence. If it has to, it can survive in most boring, most ugly and most inappropriate situations and if not, then it won’t be present at most romantic & most serene places. Love is an extremely mutual and personal feeling for two people and only they know whether it exists or not between them. Scenes and Situations are external factors that will keep on changing throughout our life. These external factors can be romantic, boring, sad or happy but will never be all the same. That’s how life is. We just have to make sure that our love decisions are not influenced by the grandness of situations but by the grandness of emotions we have for the person.