What next after JEE Mains?

The Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Mains 2016 got over a few weeks ago. The result of JEE Mains is expected to be declared by month-end. 

It goes without saying that JEE Mains is the first hurdle that an engineering aspirant needs to overcome to secure a place in the prestigious IITs/NITs/IIITs. Your score in the exam is necessary but certainly it is not the end of the world. This year’s paper was difficult compared to last year’s. The Physics paper appeared to be toughest of the lot with greater emphasis on concepts taught in Class 11 while the Chemistry was the easiest with more questions based on Class 12 syllabus. Chemistry part was more factual than the previous year’s, reinforcing the fact that a thorough knowledge of NCERT syllabus is essential for clearing the exam. The Maths paper was a little tricky and lengthy. 

A drop in the number of applicants by about one lakh and a rise in the number of selected students by fifty thousand means the cut-off for this year’s JEE Advanced will roughly be the same, or it may even be less than last year. 

With about a month left for JEE Advanced, students should shift their focus to studies. 

The advanced paper is a lot more conceptual. This round of exam for JEE will test your knowledge and patience. It is important that you find your strong areas and attempt only those questions first. A negative answer will cost you a lot.

Practice sitting and attempting question papers for three hours at a stretch. You must remember that you are just a step away from achieving your dream so work accordingly.

For lakhs of students who had fared miserably in JEE Mains, would mean the end of the road as far as securing a place in IITs/NITs/IIITs is concerned. They should not be disheartened. In today’s world, all that matters is knowledge, no matter where you study. People like Satya Nadella have shown to the world that to achieve great heights, you don’t require an IIT tag. All you need is the zeal and perseverance to succeed. A three-hour exam cannot judge your knowledge. There are many good colleges such as BITS Pilani, VIT, SRM, and Manipal Institute of Technology, among many others, where you can seek admission. I also have a few friends who got admission in engineering colleges of Karnataka through COMED-K. All of these are great places to study and will help you develop your personality and knowledge. 

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