JEE Mains 2016 answer keys lead to chaos and confusion

The answer keys of JEE Mains 2016 released by the authorities is confusions’ galore. The aspirants who took the exam are anxiously waiting for the revised answer key. They are not even sure if they will make the cut for JEE Advanced 2016. Those who were hopeful earlier told PaGaLGuY that they were unable to do well because of the wrong questions in the paper. Some students spent a lot of time on attempting the wrong questions while some felt disheartened after being unable to solve it satisfactorily.

PaGaLGuY spoke to some aspirants about their responses in JEE Mains 2016 paper. Varun from Jaipur, said, “According to the instruction number seven in the question booklet, there can be only one correct answer. But question number 30 of Set E, had multiple answers. I immediately identified the correct responses, still spent around 10 minutes on it.”

He added, “I missed five to six questions in the paper because of that question. I request the Board to give bonus marks for this question.”

Varun has challenged 11 answers and is anxiously waiting for the revised answer key. Another aspirant from Jaipur, Mansi, said, “The answer for question number 50 in Set E, challenges NCERT textbooks. By not specifying the standards, the question asked in the paper, is incomplete.” Some aspirants even felt a little demotivated because they were unable to solve some questions. 

The Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) conducts the Mains paper with the help of JEE Unit. The parents are also a troubled lot and wondering as to how the Board could set a paper with multiple errors. They feel that the quality of JEE Mains paper was not up to the mark this time around. Varun’s father, Vishal, said, “JEE unit has enough funds to set an error-free paper, but I don’t know what stops them,” adding, “Even while challenging an answer, they don’t give ‘none of the above’ option. Nor do they give space to provide a solution as to why one thinks that the challenged answer is correct.”

Aspirants told PaGaLGuY that they were sure that some questions in the paper are incorrect and are hoping JEE will consider their request. Vishal further added, “Science can’t be understood without questioning. How will JEE know why did we challenge a particular question without even giving a chance to explain the solution.”

The result of JEE Mains 2016 will be declared on April 27.