What makes an engineer choose an MBA

As I start thinking what to write about the MBA and what actually inspires me and a whole bunch out there to pursue an MBA degree from a reputed institute in a democratic nation like India, the first thing that strikes my mind is the necessity of MANAGERS. Yes in caps lock !!!

‘Necessity is the MOTHER OF INVENTION’ as a popular saying goes.

First things first. I’m an engineer. I wanted to clarify all those non-engineers that the primary reason for every engineer running behind the CAT coaching classes in the middle of her/his busy work schedule, is just because of the lack of management skills in her/his work place. Today, an average engineer gets placed in a software giant or a telecom giant with a decent package. Actually, we engineers celebrate a lot, party a lot in the final year thinking that the new job life which we’re going to enter is going to give us a new life which has nothing to do with grades and definitely is a proper platform to prove your capabilities both as an individual and as a techie. But, that has just become a dream these days.

In most of the companies, professionals ranging from engineers to managers always talk about just one thing. MONEY !!!

Be it travel allowances, be it medical allowance, metro allowance, house rent allowance, be it reimbursements be it anything….at the end of the day, all that one talks supposedly revolves around MONEY !!!!

Is that why we all are here working for software/telecom giants ? Is that why we all have wasted our energies for 4 valuable years ?

There is no INNOVATION running at the back end in our minds.

There is no REAL LEARNING happening. There is always LEARNING for EARNING.

One should always be open to the new things. One should be well aware of what’s happening around the world. Take Satya Nadella for instance, what did he say, as one of those interviewers has asked him to describe himself ?

Everyone talks about the ALMA MATER of a successful person.

Very few of them really see Satya’s 22 years of perseverance. He is a LEARNER with hell lot of zeal which, today has made him stand where he is.

We,ENGINEERS with all those managers(not all of them but most of them) around us (who are in thirst of MONEY ) have actually decided to take the path of INNOVATION.

And as we can see, there is a post graduate degree MBA in the lime light which really gives us the courage to take a risk of leading a life with INNOVATION.

P.S: This post is intended to clear the thoughts of all those non-engineers who think that all those engineers who appear for CAT are in thirst of MONEY. No offense.