What is Your REASON for CAT

Yes, You want to study management from the very deep of your Heart and if extra money flows in, then it will be an added benefit but no priority.

You never cried out for wealth and status as such ! Actually, You have always enjoyed managing your day-to-day challenges and complications. So, now your next step is to study management for academic purpose which gives you an additional exposure for more real time troubles.

Is this your reason for CAT ?

Really ??

Believe it or not, You never told anyone the real reason behind your over possession for the most “Unpredictable” Exam of our Country !

The real reason can be anything……. You don’t like your current job…You want to do something lesser hectic…You want to start your career being at the higher position…You want to live the way you always wanted…You always imagined your life “BIG” and if it takes you to study for CAT, then You are ready to do that !

The above mentioned reasons are still Okay. There is no bad thing in making efforts for your “Dream Lifestyle.”

But hold on !


You may just want to impress that “just another” girl whom you think is the most beautiful girl and there is no other way to get her except CAT !

You just want to upload your pictures on Facebook (with the IIM tag) which you think is as important as everything else !

You want to take revenge from all those persons who consider you worthless !

Then, you really need to sit and think again “Is this one of those reasons of my preparation” ??

Again, It’s your life and only you can decide “How you want to spend it”!! And you really need not explain that to anyone. However, If you have already decided to go for CAT then, Never look back and keep moving until you ACHIEVE what you desire.

But Remember : Tasks with good intentions are easier to accomplish !