What is the first principle of differentiation

My interview experience at IIM-Bangalore for FPM in Economics and social sciences:

Date: 10-11.02.2015

Venue: Bangalore

My Profile:

Praveen Kumar Gupta

Xth: 96%

XIIth: 85%

B.E.: 8.82 (CGPA),
Thapar University, 2010 Batch

Job: Design
Engineer, B.H.E.L. (Feb.’11-current) & G.S.Engg. & Const. (July’10-Feb.’11)


Consisted of Verbal,
RC, LR-DI, Quant.

Level Equivalent to

Subject Area Test:

Consisted of 25 questions each on
microeconomics and macroeconomics 

Personal Interview:


P1: 30 year assistant professor

P2: 55 year professor

the room and greeted.

P1: You have patent to your name. What was your role in patent?

Me: Explained.

P2: You are good at technicals then why are you trying for FPM in economics?

Me: Told my aspirations and expectations, Told them why FPM and What after FPM.

P1: Asked a question on probability. Told to solve on board.

Me: Solved

P1: What is 1st principle of differentiation?

Me: Apologised. Told that I am not able to recall but will be able to solve
questions on differentiation.

P1: Differentiate X!

Me: Explained the methodology.

P2: Questions on again why FPM

Me: Explained again giving some personal experiences.

P2: What do you feel on Make In India campaign. How successful will it be?

Me: Explained about the Modi’s (Indian govt.) efforts to build good international
relations. Increase in FIIs, improvement in Moody’s rating and other factors.

P1: Congratulated me (don’t know for what) and told that they are done with interview.

Me: Greeted them back and left.