What is MBA?

Its always graduation’s second year

when we are ready to understand MAT/CAT fear,

TIme,Alchemist,PT, we have all the passes

we choose one and start taking classes.

Before exam, its always quant, reasoning or verbal

after exam we take some medicines, that are herbal

because we do the interpretation with lots of data

and the results say,”tu to cut off main reh gaya beta!”

With some decent score the selection is done

MBA starts, but not necessary with the BIG (IIMs) One

First sem is a mixture of tough and easy

boys with girls and ‘only boys with girls’ are always busy

life goes on, with some serious studies

2 years are enough to make some cool buddies

but lets not forget semesters and mid term

the only phase when we’re serious and stern

marketing, HR, finance etc, subjects we choose

and in our specialization, we never loose

some students with superb marks and intelligently performed

and with some faculties, bond is formed

freshers, events, competitions and farewell

notice board with results and heart says…Aal is well! aal is well!

with all mixed feelings two years are done

holding a degree in hand, feels as if world cup we’ve won

and then comes a situation with an obvious mob

everyone needs a package full job

some gets through, some are stuck

some earns well and some says, “Fhat the wuck!”

i know, we already know this

but for those who are thinking, do not miss

go write the exam and do it your way

This is MBA, with everything you wish to do, i say.