When we were 4

It was time to learn,

School was never bore

Teachers’ were not stern

Made friends

Never we cried,

Unaware of trends

Smile we never hide.

Every moment was fun

Studied Li’ll bit,

Homework was always done

Exams were scary and shit.

Never we knew

The time was gone,

Sad memories were few

And college was ON.

We were freak

Girls came in,

Danced to the peak

Tension was in bin.

Matured we became

Responsibility was shown,

Played life’s game

Mind was grown.

Everything was fine

Before the job,

remembered summer of 69

After seeing the mob.

Tears rolled down the cheeks

To earn, we were sent,

We dressed like geeks

We miss, being student.

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  1. @JasonZie
    March 2019