What happened to Hyderabad?

The recently concluded phase 7 general elections in Telangana region of Andhra Pradesh has seen a marginal increase in polling percentage from 69% in 2009 to around 73%. While it is good to notice the increase in overall polling pattern, what bothers is the decrease in polling in Hyderabad from 59 percentage in 2009 to 53 percentage this year, against the average 73%.

Hyderabad, being the capital city attracts people all over the state and country. With a high software population, who settled in the city over the last 20 years, and who are socially, politically active on social networks, and who crave for a change in society, one expects polling to be on par with the state average if not higher.

While the rural district, Adilabad recorded 78%, it is pathetic to see the educated crowd escaping to vote. Is it the long weekend that took is responsible for this? I’ve seen some of my friends, who has a vote in Hyderabad, going to their hometowns to spend the long weekend, which goes as follows. April 30: voting day, May 1st: May day, May 2nd: Leave, May 3rd:Saturday and May 4th: Sunday.

“My one vote doesn’t count” attitude should be kept aside and one who didn’t vote doesn’t have the right to criticize the next government.

The phase 8, for Andhra Pradesh region on May 7th, is crucial as it elects the government for the new residual Andhra state. So. Go vote AP. Vote for change!