Crossing The Lines

It was a weekend drive towards J.P Nagar and I was sitting in the car at a traffic signal at the Silk Board junction. The traffic lights were red , we were in no hurry and the day was Saturday with much less traffic on the road at around 7:15 in the evening unlike the weekdays. I guess our brain cells also take a different stroll in weekends because I don’t know if I would have noticed it on a weekday but what caught my eyes was a bus just near our car standing on the Zebra crossing blocking the way for the pedestrians. Did the bus driver go by the literal meaning of ‘Zebra’ and was expecting some Zebras around and unable to find one in the nearest vicinity had boldly parked his bus on a crossing ?? such crossings as we all know are meant for the pedestrians to cross roads at traffic signals. Aren’t these drivers made aware of the Road Rules & Regulations Act before they are issued a license ?

The rule on Stop Sign says :Stop Sign On Road Surface (Rules of the Road Regulation ,1989)

“When any line is painted on or inlaid into the surface of any road at the approach to the road junction or to a pedestrian or otherwise, no driver shall drive a motor vehicle so that any part thereof projects beyond that line at any time when a signal to stop is being given by a police officer or by means of a traffic control light or by the display of any traffic sign. ”

While Bengaluru has been crying for over bridges on several roads , vehicle drivers do not seem to bother about many Road Rules. The crossing being talked about was not even faded for any driver to give it a miss. I being a pedestrian half of my travelling time , get really pissed off by the unavailability of crossings at high traffic areas where there definitely should be one. Had he let free the crossing it would have been far more easier for the pedestrians causing no confusion for both the parties.

And I tell you, you really got to be a good sprinter to cross roads where there are no crossing at all !! So why not use the ones in place.
Looks like the pedestrians have taken into heart the local slang ‘Adjust Maadi’ and having no other way tolerate these rule breakers.