What GIM aspirants discussed in last year’s GD/PIs.

Hello aspirants, assuming that most of you have a fair idea on your chances of getting a call from GIM for GDPI, here is a list of GD topics from the last year’s GDPI process to help you. Start preparing well as the GDPI shortlist would be out by Mid Feb going by the last year’s trend. This is just to give you a rough idea on what kind of topics were asked last year. Happy Preparation! ? 

1. Arvind Kejriwal says I am an anarchist. Should people with no experience be allowed to enter politics?


Should activist without governance experience enter politics?

2. Will India ever achieve the 9% growth of GDP?

3. India’s $75 million space mission – Triumph / Waste?

4. Is increasing Media trial good for preventing corruption/malpractices?

5. Facebook – A curse to Personal Space.

6. Cricket Craze is killing other sports in India.

7. Should juveniles committing heinous crimes be given death penalty like adults?

8. Coursework should be given greater importance in B-Schools?

9. Is MBA losing relevance in the face of free online courses?

10. Potato chips v/s Silicon chips

Is placement more important than the value of the education?

11. Should social service be made compulsory in MBA curriculum?

12. B-Schools should not have any rules for students?

13. First Experience.

14. Do GM crops help in better yield and are they the answer for India’s hunger problem?

15. Twitter, SMS, T20 – is the world moving at a faster pace?