An ISB interview with an ‘Artificial’ essay…

Here goes my interview experience

Location: Mumbai

slot: 10:30 am with Panel 1

GMAT score: 720

X:93%; XII: 91%

Chemical Engineer from IITBHU, 3.5 years in RIL as Process Engineer

word essay topic: Artificial.  I was able to
write 100 words on it in next 10-15 minutes. 

consisted of two people. Do not their background

started off with ” Tell me about yourself”. I walked them through my
resume stating my work profile, family background and my hobbies.

asked me a lot of questions from my hobbies, work profile, current and future
prospects in my industry and why I wanted to do an MBA, how will it add to my
skills, what is my plan post MBA. (He was probably from operations background)

was reading through my profile sheet. Asked me a couple of questions from my
job responsibilities, how important are they in business. He re-framed why
MBA question stating I was from an IIT, with good technical background, working
in Reliance and was performing well in company, then why to do an MBA. Again I
stated my answers with some more points. He asked me what couple of questions
on my unique selling points and how will I compete in ISB from other batch
mates, what profile I am looking for, what is my plan B if I fail. Asked me if I had any question to ask. That’s it. 

Be very clear about your work profile and future goals.
All the best to other candidates.  

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