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Yesterday, we
gave you the following practice topic for WAT – “Is crime rate in urban India high mainly due to economic disparities?” This question had appeared in the IIM Bangalore entrance in 2013. In this
article, we will look at the correct approach for an essay on this topic and
will also cover some important points which may be used in this essay.

Guidelines – How to Approach this Question

This is a generic question
which also seeks your opinion on the said topic. You have to provide an answer
which is factual and has practical and relevant points.

The topic has two parts – one
statement and one question. The premise is – “crime rate in urban India is
high”. The question asks for other possible reasons behind this.

This question tests your
knowledge of the ongoing crime statistics as well as the logic that you use to
explain your points. Your ability to provide a rationale behind your arguments
is key.

What to Write in the Answer

Here are some
points which you can use in your essay:

· Introduction: For a topic as wide as
crime, your introduction can be generic and simple in nature. You could start
by saying that crime is a social evil that manifests itself in different ways
and forms. Over the years crime has become an increasingly serious issue for
society and has led to heightened anxiety, especially in urban areas. While
lack of education is the primary cause of crime in rural areas, economic
disparity is a big factor in urban vicinities.

· Main Body: Here you can choose to steer
your essay in agreement as well as disagreement with the question. Whatever
side you pick, relevant and logical points should be included.

· YES: In this viewpoint, you are saying
that economic disparities are largely the cause of higher crime rate in urban

Over the past few decades, the
migration from rural to urban areas has increased manifold. This causes an
imbalance in the demand-supply relationship.

Due to improper urban planning,
the availability of resources is non-uniform. This leads to the poor sections struggling
for basic amenities, thereby becoming poorer. People become more and more
insecure and despair-ridden, and their last resort is to turn to crime.

With the standard of living getting
better, there has been a hike in the prices of commodities. This makes it tougher
for poorer sections to afford goods. 
Even with subsidised rates of government facilities, little changes
because of the deplorable quality.

· NO:  In this part, you are saying that economic
disparities do not cause higher crime rate in urban India. To support this
viewpoint, you will have to enlist the other possible reasons for the same.

· How do people become criminals? The
economic conditions are constantly fluctuating. People are losing their jobs
owing to the changing dynamics of economy. This leads to frustration and people
turn to crime to make up for their failures. Competition and rivalry has
mounted in various walks of life. With great amount of pressure on people, some
fail to cope and fall behind. Urban areas seemingly provide a plethora of
opportunities but not all migrants are able to avail them.

· Lack of Planning: Unplanned
infrastructure and uncontrolled development widens the gap between the rich and
the poor. This creates multiple and rigidly drawn strata in society – the haves
and the have-nots. The construction of this divide results in crime.

· Ineffective Policing: The law is a big
factor in the crime rate of any country. In India, people do not have faith in
the police. The patrolling is ineffective and driven by political vices which
leads to widespread feeling of paranoia and helplessness. If this is mended,
crime rate may significantly come down.

· Corruption: Unhealthy amounts of black
money and the land mafia combine to form a dangerous network in urban areas. Shortage
of habitable land and inadequate resources only aid in increase in criminal

· Conclusion: Depending on the viewpoint
that you choose, a logical conclusion should follow. If you are discussing
both, a brief summary (1-2 lines each) of the two should be provided. You can
also choose a relevant quote to end your essay. “When a man is denied the right
to live the life he believes in, he has no choice but to become an outlaw.”
-Nelson Mandela

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(New IIMs, 2013)

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