VITBS Student Journal #3 – Advaith Suresh’s Day on Campus

VIT Business School, a place where culture, vibrancy, and knowledge all culminates in one place, making the campus one of the most beautiful of the lot. During my search for a potential institution of higher studies, I did a bit of research as to which institution would fit my bill, eventually zeroed in on this amazing Institute. To tell one why I choose this particular institute would a monumental task to describe just in few pages but I would try to narrow it down to few essential points.

    • FFCS,
    • Surfeit of opportunities,
    • And the great ambience it provides.

Typically, students from almost all parts of India form a part of this amazing institution, whereby you might be rubbing shoulders with the most knowledgeable and diversified students. My day usually begins by 7.00 am followed by a hearty breakfast. I find mess food quiet appealing, which might surprise you. Hostels are decent as well depending on the type of room and roomies you get. Of course, the newer blocks are a different matter altogether, they are beyond comprehension with classy amenities, but the older ones are just enough for a comfortable stay.

One of the unique selling proposition, which caught my attention early on the admission process was FFCS or Fully Flexible Credit System, wherein you can choose the teacher, the slot as well as the electives, because of which each and every student timetable might be different. So essentially you and your best pal might not be on the same timetable.

The first two trimesters are typically structured where core subjects are taught, but it is from the third trimester onwards where FFCS truly kicks when we get to choose from a range of electives.

The day goes on, usually constituting around five lectures at max. But the thing to watch out is that lectures are judiciously spaced apart, so one might have one or maybe two-hour interstice between two lectures. So essentially one might be in the academic buildings from 9.00am to 4.00pm or maybe 5.00 in the evening.

Faculty members in VITBS are a whole new topic upon which I can quite easily talk for hours on. To keep it short, I will just say that, quite a lot of them are truly amazing. Workload given to students seems to differ from faculty to faculty, some are generously liberal and these are those who you really want to take for as your faculty, but the catch is that they are like a bag of potato – crisp, finished as soon as you open…

Post lectures you’ll have plenty of time for an all sorts of extramural or leisure activities like swimming, cycling, and various club activities. As and when the clock strikes 8.00pm, I am right in front of the mess for the dinner. Post dinner a few minutes of walk or should I say loitering puts my mood back on track after a hectic day.

Going back to the room by 09.30pm should suffice you with enough time for activities such as assignments, movies or reading, that is if you are into that habit.

My day draws by 12.00am or 01.00am.

The rest repeats in the same way.

A word of caution, one might feel completely exasperated by juggling between many priorities but believe me hang on, and you’ll truly enjoy your stay at VIT – Business School.

Advaith Suresh

VITBS | Batch 2017 – 19