VITBS Student Journal #1 Sanjana John’s Experience in Invictus

You have a valuable experience when you get to know your untapped capabilities. You would have never realized that you can be this productive unless an opportunity would have knocked on your door. Mine was INVICTUS 2018.

INVICTUS, a two days management fest which will be hosted by the VIT Business School, Vellore. It will be a huge occasion where 100+ Business schools will be participating in different events under the HR, Finance, Marketing and General Management. Each event will be worth participating as the winners will get enticing Prizes worth up to 2 Lakhs and each participant can learn the management functions in a fun way.

It happened just a fortnight ago, when my college VITBS gave us the opportunity to be a part of INVICTUS as a student coordinator. Being an ambivert, I was not sure that whether I should take this chance or not. I always wanted to be a part of such events. I wanted to open up, express myself, experience and learn new things. So ultimately I decided to take this opportunity.

Becoming a part of Invictus, was my first baby step towards the journey of exploring my capabilities. Invictus is playing the role of Ice breaking session for me. As it is helping me know other student organizers and giving me chance to interact with the faculty members of VITBS.

During the first meeting, the faculty members were used the voting system to assign events to the students. When the time came for the allotment of the Marketing events, I stood up for the post of Marketing events Lead. Though I lost with just one vote, I got the chance to work for the Marketing events. The Marketing team will organize several events. I will be the coordinator for one of those events.

Invictus is letting me have new experiences be it with my friends or with the faculty members. Working with my friends as a team and doing the presentation in front of the whole VITBS faculty members including the Advisor (VIT) and the Dean (VITBS), everything is helping me to be even more confident and better by expressing myself. At every turn Invictus is helping me explore myself. I am learning new things like how to manage the budget, how to think from customers’ point of view, how to manage, utilizing the available resources. Invictus is carving out a better and a multi-talented skill within me. This event will be useful for me and for others too in networking.

I am glad to be a part of INVICTUS 2K18 as it makes you feel responsible, happy and proud of yourself. This is just the beginning; there is much to come on the way.

Sanjana John

VITBS | Batch 2017 – 19