ITM Memoirs: Devasree Bose, Blue Dart Express Ltd.

“Getting placed through campus was one of the top priorities for me since I joined ITM Business School, as is the case with all the starry eyed students who enter the campus with high hopes. I was a student of 2012-14 batch in PGDM HR. When I look back at those days now, I feel grateful to the support that I received from my professors and faculty who were always there for my academics and professional guidance. Getting the honor of being the topper of the batch was indeed an icing on the cake as I moved on from the academic to the corporate world.

I had sat through a number of interviews before getting placed with Blue Dart Express Ltd. there were times when I was losing hope and that is the time my professors and family supported me with 1 thought that still stays with me and that is, “Everything happens for a reason and if you are not getting success today, it is for a bigger fruit that will be borne tomorrow”. I still remember the day the interview process for Blue Dart. We had our mid-term exam the next day and I was carrying my notes, studying in the midst of the interview process. Finally, when I was through, it was a blessing in disguise for me as I had finally got placed from campus and I felt my patience had paid off.

Being with Blue Dart has been a journey in itself. Corporate life is so different than the academic world. All that you learn in MBA, the practical implementation of the knowledge of the same becomes a critical aspect. One important thing that I learnt is you may work hard, but if end results are not achieved and visible, somewhere the hard work will not be fully utilised. That is where smart work comes into play. When I joined as a management trainee, I was inducted along with 47 other trainees from various other institutes from across the country. The extensive induction phase gave a good insight into the company and its business and values. The People First philosophy at Blue Dart is what keeps the employees glued to the culture and me being in HR, I am really happy to be a part of driving this.

One of my main projects in my initial days was to make an employee communications newsletter for which I received my 1st award in Blue Dart from the Managing Director. Following this, there were many initiatives starting from employee engagement, developing module on development center, external and internal organization awards, talent management initiatives, people friendly initiatives for development, etc. I am glad to share that many of my initiatives have received appreciation and that keeps me motivated throughout to do even better. One of my other achievements was from DHL (our parent company) for driving a project on Succession Planning. Not just within Blue Dart, but also this type XBU exposure is what keeps on developing me into a better professional.

All this does not mean that every day is a good day for me, as I do have my own share of ups and downs and receive tough feedback also from my reporting manager and functional head. But it is upto us how to take the feedback and learn from it and I believe that converting any feedback to a positive learning is what should be done, not only during the initial days of job, but also after it. It’s been a roller coaster ride during my 3 years of job till now. I have got a number of important life lessons and would like to share some:

  • Be flexible and be prepared for the uncertain
  • Always find opportunities to learn
  • Be open to feedback
  • Never restricting yourself to work in your own comfort zone
  • Being approachable is a critical factor (especially when one is in HR)
  • Knowing how to balance your work life is critical
  • Enjoy what you do, else what you are doing will not get the desired results
  • Don’t overstrain yourself while working, take time off for yourself too

I would like all the students to just be open to learn and take full advantage of the current scenario that is there around, be it during studies or once you enter the corporate/ business world. Your professors and superiors are there to support you always and it is upto you to always grab opportunities and move ahead in life.”

Devasree Bose

Manager – HR

Blue Dart Express Ltd.

2012 – 14