“VIT Business School is One of the Top 50 Colleges in India” says Dr. Syed

How is your experience in VIT?

I will be completing six years in VITBS, VIT University, Vellore. I have had a
nice experience in VIT. VITBS has professionally, academically qualified and
experienced permanent faculty drawn from various streams of management disciplines.
I feel happy to be associated with such a great institution.

How is your
teaching experience different from corporate industry?

nature of job in corporate is very different from that of educational
institution. Both have different objectives. I love teaching and feel very
satisfied about my journey so far. Education is more than employability. It
includes progress with vision, developing different perspectives and opening
one’s mind to immense avenues of leadership, dynamism and entrepreneurship.

According to you,
why is the ratio of girls higher than boys in choosing HR as the field?

I may consent to some extent that the ratio of girls is higher than boys in
choosing HR as the field. Choosing Human Resource as a specialization or field
is a matter of personal choice, although it is best suited for professionals
who have people skills, like to interact with different personalities. HR
professionals are likely to be in charge of a lot of confidential data, and
therefore the ability to keep secrets is also one of the major traits that a HR
professional must have.

have more empathy towards employees than men. They enjoy solving problems more
than the male counterparts. Women seem to be good in the above mentioned
skills. As per my view that’s why majority of women choose their career in HR.

Can you throw some light on the journal which you have published?

I have 15 Journal Publications in my
name in the reputed peer reviewed

Journals and out of which 13 research publications
are in the international journals and 2 in the national journals. Out of 15
research papers publications, I have 5 research papers publications in Scopus
Indexed Journals and rest of the papers in Copernicus Indexed Journal.

Any message for the

As you know VITBS has been ranked among one of the top 50 in India by most of
the B school Survey. VITBS has competent faculty and hardworking staff.

have very good placement records, excellent infrastructure and good facilities.

transform an individual in to a complete human being by providing value based
management education and learning. Initiatives of VITBS are intended to arouse
a craving among its students to explore the meaning of life and develop the
passion for new knowledge. Understanding the power of students and their quest
for knowledge we have designed the curriculum and academics activities to cater
to these needs and aspirants.

welcome you to be part of VITBS, VIT University which is so vibrant institution
to realize your cherished dreams and contribute to socio-economic
transformation for gearing national growth and development.

– Dr. Syed Khalid Perwez

Associate Professor
– HR & OB Division, VIT Business School, VIT University.