Verbal Aptitude Quiz for MBA entrance exams

Dear readers,

This quiz consists of actual questions from various CAT
papers from the last few years. Leave your answers/ responses in the comments
section below and soon we’ll let you know the correct answers!

Questions (1-10): Each sentence below has been broken
up into four parts sequentially (a, b, c, d). Choose that part which contains a


(a) A feasibility survey has now

(b) been completed in India to establish

(c) a network of felicitate contacts

(d) between small and medium enterprises.


(a) Privatization generally represents

(b) an ideological response

(c) to the perceived problem

(d) in the public sector.


(a) The Indian government’s choice

(b) of the EEC as a partner

(c) stem from the fact

(d) that the community is the most important market for India.


(a) A person who earns a

(b) few thousand rupees

(c) and decides to save

(d) many of it must be a miser.


(a) Had you been in my

(b) position, you were definitely

(c) shown your displeasure

(d) at the turn of events.


(a) I definitely disagree

(b) with the position that

(c) requires that money

(d) is a key motivator.


(a) This has slowed the progress

(b) of reforms in many countries

(c) because the choice of either of the extreme

(d) positions inevitably invite criticism.


(a) Gavaskar was a great batsman who

(b) having played more than 100

(c) test matches, he then decided

(d) to call it a day.


(a) When we sold of all our

(b) furniture, crockery and

(c) other household goods,

(d) the room looked bare.


(a) In the history of mankind,

(b) it has always been

(c) minority which have been

(d) able to change the world.

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1(c)    2(c)    
3(c)    4(d)     5(b)    
6(c)   7(d)    8(c)    
9(a)    10(c)