The Preliminary exam conducted by the UPSC is the first screen test for every aspirant. One has to clear the cut-off marks of GS paper I and score 66 and above for CSAT II.

This may seem easy at first glance, as usually, the cut-off mark of UPSC prelims is somewhere around 100-115/200. Nevertheless, with negative marking, the smartest of students fail to score the cut-off marks.

Hence, along with hard work during preparation hours, one also has to come up with a strategy that helps them score 120+ marks in their prelims.

Here are some tips that will help you score 120+ marks in your prelims.

  • Analyse– Even though UPSC is unpredictable, one can analyse the previous year’s papers and understand that the majority of questions are coming from which subject. Often UPSC’s preliminary questionnaire has a fair share of Indian Polity and Economy. There are a few questions on Indian culture, so you can limit your preparation hours for it. Indian modern history is one of the top choices of UPSC, so make sure you are thorough with it. By analysing previous papers you can draw a pattern of your own and prepare accordingly.
  • NCERT Books– Every UPSC aspirant has to be thorough with NCERT books. Many a time, UPSC has directly picked questions from these books. One can easily score good marks if their basics are clear.
  • Mock test– Aspirants fail to realise the importance of mock tests. These tests help you understand the pressure of the real examination. Give at least 50+ mock tests to evaluate your learnings. Attempt both Subject-wise quiz and full-fledged preliminary quiz. By practicing mock test you can easily identify your mistakes.
  • The 3-2-1 rule– Every aspirant can draw their strategy, however, we believe this one is good. Aspirants can first mark down 60% of the questions that they are completely sure of. This assures you 120+ marks, however, this will not be enough. The next 30% should be the ones if you are at least 50% sure. The remaining 10% should comprise of questions that you are not completely sure about.
  • Avoid blind guessing– Often aspirants mark answers to all the questions. This would work well if you know all the questions. Blind guessing can backfire you. As UPSC has negative marking system, you may lose all the marks you could have scored and eventually not make it to the cut-off.
  • Be Confident– Scoring good marks is not only the result of knowledge and hard work. Many other factors also play a role. Do not doubt yourself or overthink in the examination hall. The panic attack will definitely make you unnecessarily nervous and you may mark wrong answers.

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Final getaway-

UPSC CSE prelims is one of the toughest entrance exam. Every year lakh of students apply for it and only around 10% of them make it to the cut-off. Hard work and a smart strategy can help you in scoring 120+ marks in your GS-I exam.

If you revise all of your study material and be confident in the examination hall you can clear UPSC preliminary exam in a go.

Thank you.

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