Two true Answers

“I want to do an MBA because I want to be an entrepreneur. It is not that I can’t be an entrepreneur without an MBA, but I believe a degree equips me with skills in a more structured manner. Also, if I fail as an entrepreneur, it would bolster me and let me land a good job and have a decent lifestyle, and if I get fired from that too, I would get into the research in the management sciences, probably something in economics or strategy, because you know I have been fascinated with the management since my school days. I even chose Economics over Computer Science as my fifth subject in +2.” That’s the answer you hear.

“I am a mere mortal allured with the prospects of a hot-shot corporate lifestyle with fat paychecks, cut-throat competition, and the killer instinct of a corporate raider. I love brands, the Dalal Street, jargonizing simple stuff with complex terms and enjoy coining phrases and taglines. I belong to a humble middle class family and dream of graduating to the ‘high class’ and I see a MBA degree from a reputed institute as my license to enter that elusive world. That is motivation enough for me to board on the proverbial rat race, to join the herd, to lead a life glittering with the riches of the rich. That sure sounds like the illusions of a to-be corporate whore, some might even accuse me of selling my soul. But, may be that’s me. May be I am an avaricious whore.” That’s the answer you decipher.

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