You Need to or You want to?

If you are reading this piece of article then it is for sure that you are aware about MBA and most probably planning to do one. However if I ask you WHY, chances are high you would say everybody does it or everybody needs it to get a job, to lead what some call a GOOD LIFE. I cannot rule out this answer. However, what I always wonder is what is the definition of good life to you? What makes you happy? Is it a good house, a big car, party and more party, high end gadgets, lots of travels in executive class, exotic holidays etc. What if I say, that there is only one thing that you all are looking forward to from an MBA which will ensure all these and that is MONEY? Am I sounding too candid? Perhaps I am true and truth is bitter. However what is wrong in not being a hypocrite and accepting the fact that Money is a very important necessity of life? Now I know I have all your attention as I am talking Money. But then why MBA? Underworld goons, BHAIS, DADAS, corrupt ministers, Smugglers etc. all I believe have not done MBA to earn money. In fact they earn more than many MBAs. So all those of you who think an MBA would make you more eligible to earn more money, please back out as there are alternate easier ways for the same. Do a few weeks of internship with a DON or a DADA, start through Pick pocketing and graduate up to an international drug or arms dealer etc. My friends, I believe it is high time, we do some introspection.

MBA is about becoming first a better human being and then everything else. MBA is about clear perspectives in life. MBA is about understanding the importance of even the smallest resource you have at your disposable. MBA is about empathizing with other people you work with and at the same time competing with them to achieve the rare recognition and incentives. We are lucky to be born in Indian Families where we learn quite a big part of management while growing up looking at how our mother manages the home. We learn marketing by looking at our proud parents boasting of us in front of friends and family. We learn behaving with others because on every occasion our family gathers and spend few days together. We grow up in a culture of diversity as well.

Beyond studies, MBA is about bringing out that new YOU who is loved and felt needed and hence wanted. So while you look for a course, remember that words are in the book and that you are literate. With little efforts, you will understand most of the subjects reading at home only. You need a classroom to learn how to apply what is in books for the betterment of your organization and you, together. Ultimately MBA is about developing a Mind Boggling Attitude.