Turn responsible to take charge of your life

Are you a procrastinator who happens to make a promise in the morning on the topics or subjects to be covered during the day and end up chatting with folks on WhatsApp or Facebook and do zilch on that front?

During the exam time, there is no choice but be an owl and burn the midnight oil to complete studies. Then you wonder, ‘If I had completed my studies on time… so on and so forth. From next semester, I’m going to study well in time.’ What happens then? Of course, you fail again.

It’s not so that we don’t want to study, or we don’t try to change, but we find it difficult to start. It’s time to give a thought as to why it is happening and what can we do to change it. Have we ever spared a thought why is it so?

Why at this age we are to be told by others (including our parents) to complete our daily chores? Why do others have to remind us to study? And after being pronounced an adult who has the right to cast his vote, why don’t we behave like one?

The reason is none other than us, my folks. It’s our reactive self and irresponsible behavior which is holding us back from the maturity that we may have achieved at this certain age and time.

We know that we can do better, both in academics as well as in our personal lives, if we behave responsibly.

To be an adult means to be responsible. If I ask, are you responsible? No doubt you are going to nod you head affirmatively. A person in charge is one who takes time and then responds to the situation with a calm mind, RESPONSE-ABLE as the word says. But most of us are restless and furious and happen to react and comment on anything and everything happening in our surroundings. Do we have to do that? Is it necessary? That’s what we never ask ourselves.

It is affecting our ability to focus and concentrate. That makes the faint margin which lies between us and some of our friends (everyone has one friend of this type) who tends to be very much loved by everyone.

If we want to take charge of our lives, we need to spend some time with ourselves and ask, how many more days will we end up wasting sitting at home on this couch?

What we do today is going to decide what tomorrow will hold for us.


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