The Season of Trainings!!

Gone are the days of carefree summers, spending the long days in leisure and hoping the vacations would never end! Now “Summer Training” is a more popular term than “Summer Vacations”.

With the coming of the hot season, the students of engineering colleges have no time for rest now. If you are in second or third year, you will understand my point.

All the discussions now revolve around enquiring about the summer trainings different companies and institutes have to offer. The “Where, When, Which, What, Whom” questions are what goes in the minds of students. And when you hear that one your classmates is joining a really elite company, you feel your future is in doom!

But there is no need to be scared. Now is the age of learning and a person never stop learning his or her entire life. You don’t a need a tag of a great company name to decide your future. It’s a person’s own capability and knowledge that will guide him on the road to success. Don’t be another one in the midst of the crowd.

Make your own path through hard work and courage. Sure, it looks great on a CV but know that knowledge triumphs over the name. Be perfect in your own field. It won’t matter where or how you learn. At the end what you have acquired will only be important.

Don’t feel burdened by so many choices. Take help from a professional or from anyone from your personal circle. An experienced person may guide you and clear your doubts and hesitations. Understand that the concept of summer training is to sharpen your minds and help in excel in your area of interest. Go for the one that you always wanted to pursue. Maybe you’ll find future in that!

Other than that remember you’re not too old to enjoy the vacations! 

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