TSCFM Helps You Evaluate What To Do During This Summer

1> What to Do This Summer? Holiday or Internship?

Now that the exam fever has subsided, it’s time to take a chill pill. Are you confused about what to do this summer? If so, read on to know how you can make this break more fruitful.

Treat yourself to a trip with family or friends to help you rejuvenate the body and mind. Once you are back, plan your days to enhance your career graph. Opting for an internship in the field of your interest is a great idea. Apart from fortifying your CV, it has the following advantages:

Reinforce your Career Choice

During the two or three months of the internship, you will be able to identify whether you have found the career path you would like to pursue. If so, then you can take the necessary steps involved in getting there. If things aren’t as you expected them to be, then it’s a good thing that you figured it out early in life!

Exposure to Corporate Life

You will get a slice of the corporate world and learn how a professional setting functions. While you may not be rewarded monetarily, the overall experience will definitely be helpful.

Practical Experience

A platform to apply your academics in practice, an internship ensures the theories stay with you for life. Experience is the best teacher!

Developing Skills and Confidence

Hone your existing skills and develop new ones. This is an ideal opportunity to identify your strengths and weaknesses through feedback from superiors in the organization. Right skills and enhanced knowledge boosts self-confidence.

2> Which Path to Choose after Graduation? Work or Study?

To be, or not to be, that is the question. The choices you make today will influence how your future spans out. Have you completed graduation? Do the following questions haunt you as you stand at the crossroads of life? Know that it is normal and most students go through this phase in life.

Should I study further?

Pursuing higher studies and gaining specialization in your field of interest is always the best path to choose. Apart from the usual courses, several offbeat programs are also available today. Learn more about these options from teachers, seniors and surfing the Internet.

Should I take up a job?

Unless you are sure about the career you want to pursue, taking up a job merely to earn might result in early burnout. However, if you have some options that allow you to continue studying along with the job, you could consider it. Determine if you will be able to balance both, as each can be demanding.

Would short-term courses help me?

Indeed! Studying is the best way to stay updated. While you are contemplating the master’s program or the career you want to pursue, you can identify short-term courses in the field of your interest. Certain colleges offer 3-month and 6-month courses along with corporate internships. Explore these options.

How will counseling help me?

If you are unsure about the above options and still see a question mark looming ahead, seek professional career counseling. Scientific tests, systematic evaluation, and industry and academic professionals can help you identify your interest areas.

Thadomal Shahani Centre for Talent Services (TSCTS) is a part of the reputed Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management. It guides students to recognize their interests and strengths, to help them make the right career decision.

3>MBA in India or Abroad?

Just completed graduation and looking to pursue an MBA?Where you pursue it from is as important as the course itself.Initiatives such as Make in India are bringing back the golden days of the past, where ancient universities flourished in our county. Here are a few reasons why an Indian MBA is as good as any other.

Exposure to Indian Markets

If you are planning to work in India, it is best to opt for an Indian MBA or equivalent program. International business schools usually offer courses pertinent to the particular country and its business. Such courses may not be relevant for Indian scenarios. One might find it difficult to relate the concepts and apply them, when you land a job in India.

Best of Both Worlds

Several reputed management institutions have affiliations with renowned international universities. This offers MBA aspirants the best of both worlds. Students obtain a global perspective, often from international faculty, along with Indian business scenario knowledge.


Considering the cost of international programs, living expenses and the time required to recover this, it is wiser to choose a trustworthy college in India, which offers similar programs and facilities at much lower costs.

Thadomal Shahani Centre for Management (TSCFM) offers Post Graduate Diploma in Business Management (PGDBM) from the Association of Business Executives, United Kingdom.

3> Extracurricular Activities for Students during Vacation

With no more worries about examinations, students can use their vacation productively to add value to their personal and professional life ahead. To be successful in today’s competitive world, you need to be multidimensional. Enhance your personality by exploring more avenues. Apart from coursework, here are a few ways to make your vacation enjoyable and purposeful.

Opt for an Internship

Internships add value to your CV and offer a peek into the corporate world before you actually become a part of it. They may also earn you some pocket money!

Pursue Your Passion

If there is a new language, art or sport you always wanted to learn, now is the right time. You could even explore your creativity by starting a blog. Volunteer for a cause that is close to your heart. Apart from leaving a good impression on your CV, these activities enhance your personality and confidence.

Hone your Skills

Spend this time to sharpen your axe. Identify your strengths and better them. Recognize your weaknesses and improve upon them. This will help you to achieve your best.

Visit New Places

This is the best time to visit places on your wish list or explore new destinations. Travelling lightens the mind and erases your tension of exams. You will feel rejuvenated after the trip and be ready for the challenges ahead.

4> Getaways for Students outside Mumbai

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page. – St. Augustine

Vacations are here and this is a great time to get away from the bustles of Mumbai city life. Based on your interest and the time available, you could visit a place for its natural beauty, adventure sports or monumental glory. Whether you are looking for day trips, weekend escapades or weeklong excursions, here are some great vacation destinations in India.

Day Trips

If you are planning a short day trip before you start your academic course or internship, there are several options for you to explore. These places are few hours away from Mumbai and the journey to these destinations is also enthralling.

Visit Alibaug for its beautiful beaches and forts or be mesmerized by the mighty Western Ghats at Kamshet. Head to Matheran, the smallest hill station in India or visit Karnala for its bird sanctuary and forts. Beat the heat at Lonavla and Khandala, and enjoy fresh chikki. A trip to Lavasa and several amusement parks are also rejuvenating.

Weekend Trips

If you have a weekend to spare, and you are in the mood for adventure, visit Kolad to enjoy the river rafting experience. Travel to Ganpatipule and enjoy the beaches and water sports. Plan a trip to Silvassa to unwind at the wildlife sanctuaries. You can also visit neighboring Daman and Diu for its pristine beaches. Beaches at Tarkarli & Guhagar are serene and known to have a calming influence.

Long Excursions

If budget and time are not a constraint, explore Incredible India. Plan your trip, chalk out the itinerary in advance and make your reservations in the cities of your choice, since hotels may be overbooked during vacation.

In addition to these, research about other unexplored destinations. Do not forget to write a travel blog after your trips!