True Detective: A journey of redemption or eternal damnation

In the middle of a cane field in Lousiana, 2 middle aged but very different men and detectives, Rust and Marty find themselves fixated at the DB (dead body) of a girl murdered in the most psycho-artistic way. The murder scene in itself an elaborate illustration of the monstrous depths of evil that a man can practice and put to instrument. The sadistic artful defilement of a young girl’s body left unclothed for the society to see, represented the labyrinth of torture the girl might had to go through before finally finding salvation with god. The sight makes one thing clear to Rust, that he has to put every ounce of blood in him pumping to find and slay this demon who lives in the meat of human.

With different problems and different stands in their life, working on the same case these men hardly approve of each other. But the problem with both of them is the neck deep sins they have committed in their entire life. As you see, the Bible refers to 7 deadly sins of which these men committed 2, Rust is a man full of pride and Marty a woman hungry horny bastard – lust, but neither of them ever knowing themselves if they want redemption or cleansing or hell. While Rust believes in religion being a virus that re wires the brain’s critical reasoning, Marty is bound to the chains of carnal desires with women half his age. Driving through woods, chasing leads and pursuing suspects what these men experience is the dimension of man’s faith in God and his wanton for redemption.

The way we lead our lives chasing our goals, we sometimes don’t look hither tither before committing a fallacy. All we look out for is the means and ends, and not the middle of it, the path to take. Be it the least taken one or the most treaded one, what man wants is to keep his ego on the top of the shelf by unfailing means and keep making a run for it, be it a homework, a girl, a degree or a duty. In this fast paced life where modern day crime based TV series specialize in flashing badges, breaking doors and running FBI databases the director Cary Fukunaga here comes with the unique mix of the retro-sexual, aviator glasses donned detectives who only know one thing – hunt down the killer, the slow old fashioned way. The 8 episode series is an anthology style slow paced course that shall be a treat for its exceptional dialogues, script and award winning actors Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson who deliver the 2 best kinds of detectives we can see in our generation. To know about their pursuit, their path, their journey for redemption, tune in to the best ever rated TV series – True Detective