The Political Balance!

“I am so cynical that for me others suffering is nothing but a cheap source of entertainment.. ”

-Dogbert(from ‘Dilbert’ by Scott Adams)

Anyone who has internet access and access to ‘’ must have noticed that there is a section where we can leave our comments. I guess everybody knows that but I do not know if anyone has noticed that after few relevant comments things start to change, as the topic of discussion will change from the video to a completely unrelated topic.I will like to present a classic example. There is video of movie trailer and comments follows something like this:


C1: Cant wait to see the movie…

C2: Boring….

C3: This is good…i am gonna watch it in bluray on my PS3.

C4(in reply to c3): lolz…PS3 is good only for that rocks ….loser!

C3: oh yeah i bet you use your xbox for making toast…

C5: Seriously xbox becomes too hot to play continuously…fried my console in 2 weeks.

C6: Look what we have here another fan boy of PS…buzz off buddy

C3: did you take your medicines today..hahaha….

C7: I guess your father has same kinds of symptoms.


I am seeing same kind of comments on my facebook wall between supporters(?) of two political parties. I have never seen youths in my surrounding so polarized in their political views. Moreover they didn’t have any political views 3 years earlier, but now they suddenly see themselves completely drenched with political knowledge, that is good I really appreciate that. The question is if both parties think of the betterment of country then why do their supporters hate each other’s views so much!

For Indians everything is either black or white in politics, there is no room for any other color. If you are supporting party ‘A’ then definitely you must be hating party ‘B’. The surprising fact is that both of the parties are supposedly working for the betterment of the nation but still we can’t tolerate any party other than the one which we are supporting. If Modi is good then Kejriwal has to be a ‘chor’ or if Kejriwal is saint then Modi has to be a ‘chor’. So my friends are divided in two categories and are laughing on each other for supporting the other party. Most of the time things go very awry between them and I see my social network page filled with filthy comments about each other’s party and allegations which they have found true I don’t know why. May be because our political views are still immature and are completely dependent on the media spoon feeding. Most of my friends never listen to what the leaders of the political party has to say. They just know who is white hat and who is black hat. They are behaving like some orthodox person who likes to live in a cocoon of self made parameters about morals.

These guys are not flexible, any healthy discussion of politics is futile as for them losing an argument is the utmost loss of honour. Respect for opposite views is nonsensical here. Either you are the part of the solution or the part of the precipitate. So based on the political party you support you are a ‘troll’, ‘a bhakt’ or a ‘retard’. Yeah that’s why I said black or white no other colour. I see a verbal violence each day because of political views, whether it will fade away or stay is a matter of time. Certainly youths today are discussing politics than ever before but I see a detest for opposite views which slowly culminates into a filthy affair.

My political stand: Nobody talks about balance its always about miracles and there are no miracles.Show me the road because destination is anyways 67 years old.