XAT is a computer-based entrance exam to get admissions for MBA, PGDM, and other management courses. XAT scores will be accepted by more than 800 colleges. XAT is conducted by Xavier School of Management.

There is no such brand called “Toppers” it is just by following the preparation strategy for XAT properly, you can easily get top scores and you will be added in “Toppers” list. The candidates who excel or score high in any competitive exams do not follow any different strategies, but they follow the required preparation strategies properly. Regular and proper practice is the key factor to crack XAT exams.

Following are the preparation strategies of the Toppers n XAT:


  • Acquire a complete knowledge of the Exam Pattern & Syllabus:


The first and foremost thing to start to prepare for any competitive exams is to be aware of the complete exam pattern and syllabus of the exam. Only by knowing them, you can start your preparation for XAT. XAT consists of 4 sections, Verbal & Logical Ability, Decision Making, Quantitative Ability& Data Interpretation and General Knowledge with 3 hours time duration. Next comes the syllabus, only by looking at the syllabus, you can prepare for your exams by analyzing the topics included for XAT. According to the syllabus, try to complete the topics thoroughly.


  • Self-study & coaching:


For XAT, you can do both self-study and also by joining the appropriate coaching classes. It is not that only by joining coaching classes, you can excel in XAT. Many candidates have cleared XAT exams even without classes. Everything lies in your preparation. When it comes to self-study, you can prepare according to your capability and try to improve it. You should analyze your strengths and weakness and then work accordingly. Try strengthening your strong areas and concentrate more on your weak areas in order to improve your performance. Try working out by giving equal importance to all the sections. Only you can analyze yourself properly. So, try well to increase your performance by motivating yourself.


  • Dedication & Regular Practice:


Whatever you do it must be done with dedication in order to receive the expected results. XAT is not an exception to it. Put your full dedication and continue your preparation for XAT to get good scores. When you prepare with dedication you can improve yourself. Try discussing with your peers to improve your knowledge and also to have a healthy competition. Dedication is important but does not stress yourself by sitting and learning for hours continuously. It will make you lose your energy and get tired. Regular practice is necessary to keep in mind what you learn. Also, it makes you be in touch with the preparation. By practicing regularly, you can increase your speed and accuracy in exams. Trying offline and online mocks will be enough to crack the XAT exams.



  • Find out the tricks & Shortcuts:


As the questions in exams have become tricky, you need to find the answers for it using tricks. Tricks don’t mean any malpractice or fraudulent works. It means to find out alternative methods or simple methods to solve a question without involving much time in solving. By taking note of the important formulas and keywords, you can easily remember them in your exams. It is also important to remember that you should depend on calculators for simple and small calculations instead learn some tricks to improve the speed in solving them. Try to remember the square roots for some numbers, squares, formulas etc so that you don’t want to depend on calculators for each and every step. In coaching classes, they will teach you easy and shortcut tricks to improve your speed in calculation.


  • Mock tests:


Mock tests are such a fortunate thing for exam takers. Taking a greater number of tests will help in improving your time management skills, accuracy and speed in your exams. Try to complete the mock tests within the provided time. You will find it difficult at the start, but by practicing regularly, you can improve your weak areas and strengthen your strong areas. Do not lose hope if you cannot score high in mock tests. By practicing regularly, you can see your scores increasing gradually in mock tests. This will also boost your energy and motivate you to attempt more mock tests.

Above all, your concentration and hard work are necessary to clear XAT exams. Keep in mind that there are chances for unexpected and un-solvable questions to be asked in XAT exams. So be prepared for anything. Do not get much attached to a particular section or topic that will result in only scoring well in those areas. So, give equal importance to all sections and prepare well. Follow the above-given strategies properly to get top scores in XAT.

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