Majority of the B-Schools are accepting the marks of MAT 2019 examination according to the percentage and score obtained by the candidates. Some of the Top MBA Colleges Accepting MAT Score of the candidates based on their scores are IBA Bangalore, BIMTECH Greater Noida, VJIM Hyderabad, Jaipuria Lucknow and many more. The process of admission for MBA/PGM course 2019-2021 batch is based on the examination of MAT score. The top colleges of MBA Course will choose the candidates on the basis of the scores obtained. The shortlisting criteria are based upon the admission policy of MBA/PGDM 2019 and the cutoffs of the scores of previous year. Some of the Top MBA Colleges Accepting MAT Score includes the private colleges of PGDM, Universities offering MBA courses, the autonomous institutes of management. The cutoffs of various institutes differ from one institution to another institution. Some of the colleges also accept the sectional scores obtained in the MAT Examination. The candidates can follow the link below to get more information


For the admission of MBA 2019, some of the colleges are accepting the performance of the February 2019 examination as well as the December 2018 examination. The applicants who are looking for Top MBA Colleges Accepting MAT Score can start filling up the applications.

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Below mentioned are some of the best MBA Colleges accepting MAT Score. These colleges are accepting the candidates based on the marks obtained out of 800. However, some of these colleges can reduce their cutoffs if the candidate has a strong academic profile and extra-curricular activities. Below mentioned are the colleges accepting 80% and above :

Name of the colleges

Fees ( in lakhs)

ITM Navi Mumbai 7.8
BIMTECH Greater Noida


VJIM Hyderabad 7.5
Xavier Business School, St. Xaviers’ college(Kolkata) NA
SIES College of Management Studies 6.30
JIMS Rohini Delhi 7.15
KIIT School of Management 11.95
AIMS Bangalore 9
ISBM Pune 8.9
GLIM Gurgaon 15.86
SDM Institute for Management Development 10.7
Indus Business Academy (IBSA Bangalore) 6.98
IPE Hyderabad 8


The list mentioned below are the colleges accepting candidates having a total of 500 out 800 :

List of the colleges

Fees (in lakhs)

Acharya  Bangalore B-School 7.87
Jaipuria Institute of Management Noida 9.25
GBS Kolkata NA
Delhi School of Business NA
DurgadeviSaraf Institute of Management Studies 7.8
Calcutta Business School, Kolkata 6.85
NDIM , New Delhi 8.25
SCMS Cochin School of Business 7.5
VESIM Mumbai 6.49
GITAM Hyderabad Business School 7.2


Below mentioned are the colleges accepting candidates who have secured 450 marks out of 800.

Name of the colleges

Fees (in lakhs)

International School of Business and Media 7
IIMS Pune 6.99
Jaypee Business School 8
Lexicon Management Institute of Leadership and Excellence NA
Birla Global University 7.5
Adarsh Institute of Management and Information Technology (AIMIT Bangalore) 4.5
CII School of Logistics 7.8
JBS Noida 8
EMPI Business School, New Delhi 7.4
XIME Kochi 10
Indira Institute of Management (IIM) NA


The list provided below provides a list of the colleges accepting admission of the candidates having 400 marks out of 800.

Name of the colleges

Fees (in lakhs)

National school of business 4.3
GIBS Bangalore 5.5
Jagan Institute of Management Studies 4.8
International School  of Business and Media 6.4
DGMC Mumbai 6.55


If the candidates are looking for getting admitted to MBA/PGDM College, the following points needs to be kept in mind:

  • The cutoffs of MAT 2019 Examination is available in more than 300 colleges offering MBA Degree
  • Some of the Top MBA Colleges Accepting MAT Score for the programmes of flagships but some of them accept it on the basis of specialized programmes
  • Some of the colleges accept the total cutoff marks but some of the MBA COLLEGES accept the sectional cutoff marks as well
  • The colleges that accept MAT Score includes the autonomous institutes of management, PGDM Colleges and university B-Schools.

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