Tips from Tanuj Kaza (AIR 2), JEE Mains 2015 topper

It is common knowledge that students, who hail from other state boards, often find it difficult to crack JEE exams as their Physics-Chemistry-Mathematics (PCM) syllabus is slightly different from that of NCERT. Tanuj Kaza, who comes from the state board, not only cracked the exam but also secured AIR 2 in JEE Mains 2015. He is currently pursuing Computer Science and Engineering at IIT Bombay. Read on to know how Kaza did it differently.

1.     What did you study in the last few days before the JEE Mains?

After my board exams, I had around 20 days to prepare for JEE Mains. In those 20 days, my focus was only on topics from NCERT textbooks, which were not covered by the state board syllabus. These included three to four chapters in Physics, few chapters in Chemistry and two chapters in Maths. My aim was to revise all the formulas as JEE Mains is a formula-based examination.

2.     Did you solve any mock paper?

I solved many previous years’ question papers. These mock tests included previous year’s offline exam papers and online JEE question papers. These tests gave me a fair idea about the exam pattern and helped me in time management.

3.     What did you in the period between your Board and JEE exams?

My plan was to solve two question papers daily. I analysed the question papers and found that they followed the same pattern. I focused on important topics in PCM from NCERT textbooks, which I thought could be part of JEE Mains as well.

4.     What strategy did you follow while attempting the actual paper?

Each subject needs about an hour in JEE exam. My strategy was to start with my favorite subject Chemistry as it would take less time to complete. It gave me ample time for Maths and Physics. I was confident of solving 70-75 questions during the first two hours. After completing easy questions, I moved on to the remaining difficult ones. This strategy helped me keep calm while attempting difficult questions.

5.    How did you prepare for JEE Advanced?

I solved a variety of questions for JEE Advanced as it is a concept-driven exam. Practicing a lot of advanced level questions is the key to success in JEE.