This CAT Topper has co-founded a start-up

For many people, the seeds of entrepreneurship are sown post an MBA. But for Suneet Kumbhat, who was one of the eight to get a hundred percentile this year, the journey has begun even before he sets foot in a b-school. The 24-year old has been running a personalised content writing website alongwith a friend, for about a year and a half.

Suneet says, “The idea behind the start-up came at my sister’s wedding when I wanted to write a speech but could not put words to paper. Alongside CAT preparation, I was also focussing on my start-up. I am really hoping that it takes off soon.”

The Mumbai-boy completed his engineering in Textile Technology from IIT Delhi before working with an analytics firm in Chennai for one year. He reached the hundred percentile mark in his fourth attempt at CAT. He scored 99.52, 99.84 and 99.2 percentile in his last three attempts.

Suneet always aimed at a hundred percentile. “I always used to attempt as many questions as possible to get the maximum score. This time also I attempted all questions to give myself the maximum possible chance at a hundred percentile.”

In his second attempt, Suneet did get calls from IIM Calcutta and IIM Lucknow but could not convert. This year he already has a call from IIM Ahmedabad.

“After my CAT this year, I had a feeling similar to what I had last year, that the paper went fell. In fact, I did not even check my result at 9 am. I checked it at 10.15 am. I exulted when I saw the score.”

The topper is also a complete family person. He says, “My mother always used to see photos of toppers in various exams and hoped that even her son could make it some day. That silent ambition was burning ever since. Since this was the last step in my educational ladder, I had to do it this time.”