The three letter word – CAT

For many of the first attempt puys here, I guess this was the exact time one year ago when the three letter word CAT took few bytes in our memory. Initially it was just a random thought like a tour plan. After two months this word became the Google search recent history in which we had lot of books, authors, course structures, coaching center research work. Now that after booking a ticket in of the trains ( coaching center, decided books to buy ), the engine started and the journey of all trains began to the same destination.

As usual, due to various crossing stops and diversions the pace of journey differed for all and after travelling for a period of three months many trains were still far ahead of destination. Then came the postponing announcement regarding the conduct of exam in November instead of October. This further raised the hope of many and the trains accelerated at their best speed and finally many reached the destination by attempting the examination. After reaching the destination it was the time to relieve the heat generated during this journey and the engine was shut down until the next journey is announced ( results and calls ).

As usual the fastest trains like Shatabdhi, Rajdhani and Durontho which did not stop their journey at any crossings or small stations and did not care for diversions during their previous journey obviously started their journey again towards the first alphabets A B C. The remaining super fast express trains which halted at some major stations due to various requirements (like semester exams and work loads in job)  got their route map according to their velocity towards various tier 1 colleges and they too reached their destinations ( gave the GDPI ). The remaining express trains started their journey in a dilemma whether to move further or upgrade their engines and start their journey again.

Finally in some or the other way almost all the trains reached their destinations without losing hope and all the trains are proud among themselves to complete their journey and appreciated each other because of the reason they belong to the same family after all born in different workshops with same kind of material. Now that all the trains reached the destination with some trains acquiring the platform in the railway stations (seats in colleges) and some halting outside the station and expecting the platform as their time to arrival is not yet come. Wishing all those trains for a platform and hoping for a colorful memories of journey. ?