The Taxila Placement Matrix


All B Schools vie to be ahead in the placement race. However only those win who take Placement as an integral part of the course & consciously develop the students to be Industry Specific rather than let each student fight its own battle at the interviews!!!

So, what can a Student do to get sure, equitable placement?

We at TAXILA, having dealt with lot of corporate leaders and HR managers, have identified 4 CORE factors that are critical for getting that Dream Job! These are the traits that Recruiters look in students when they hire them a high salary and good position. These 4 factors are the reason for a students getting selected or not getting selected.

On further research we also find that these 4 qualities are not only important for good placements but also for being successful in life.




Clear Goal

The focus of a good Business School should be to develop all these 4 critical factors. At Taxila Business School, Jaipur, The only reason for our 100% placements and student getting selected at high salary is development of each student in all the Four Core areas.

The first Core factor & by far the most important one is Setting up of a Clear Goal/ Objective for each student so that all activities thereafter are channelized towards realizing this Goal/ Objective. For this each student is asked to frame a Mission Statement for his or her Life & Profession.

This makes the student realize everything that he does has a purpose and their focus goes on his goal/ Objective. These goals are set on a short term and long Term basis. Every dream is worked out into a clear goal , This helps our students achieve all their dreams. Each student at Taxila sacquire the skills, attitudes, clear goals and knowledge to achieve their personal highest potential.

The next Important Factor is Knowledge Knowledge is Power Its Said. Knowledge is developed by various courses a student undertakes in the 2 years of His MBA At Taxila. Knowledge is not only acquired through textbooks, but also by exposing students to :

1. Case Studies ( Real life company/management situations and how student as manager would solve the same)

2. Presentations (Improving on your communication and presentation skills and how clearly you can present your point to larger audience.)

3. Projects ( working with companies , by providing them research and developing case studies)

4. Industrial visits ( Visiting companies manufacturing and marketing units and understanding manufacturing process)

5. Guest Lectures ( By Inviting guest lecturers from Corporate and Leaders of society students get developed into practical aspects of Business and Life.)

6. Internship ( By making students work into 3 Internships during there course, Students get practical learning and knowledge into three sectors.)

7. Live Projects (Short Term live Projects for 7-10 days help student quickly apply what they learn in the classroom)

8. International Student exchange: (Through International Student exchange, students get exposure of International Market and culture, making them global managers.)

The third Critical factor is Attitude. Positive Attitude is what is required to be a successful manager. This mental strength is instilled in the students from the Day one of the course.

Taxila focuses on developing and working on the attitude of students towards employability and becoming Business leaders. Attitude is developed through various CSR activities, working in teams and groups.

Each student goes through extensive SWOT analysis (Strengths, weakness, Opportunities and Threats) so that Strengths can be built. Weakness eliminated, Opportunities can be en-cashed and Threats dodged by each participant. This is done on a regular basis.

Skills: Development of Skills is yet another critical factor for an MBA student becoming a good manager and a leader. Skill is the ability to merge & apply ability, experience and knowledge to your work.

At Taxila Skills are divided skills into


For example, in the domain- general, skills would include Time management, Teamwork, Leadership, Self motivation and others. In Domain-specific technical skills required to perform a certain job are included.

So, This is what makes Taxilites – A WINNER ALWAYS!!! And its not by luck or chance, but an amalgamation of careful Individual development Plan, continuous Improvement & Right Mental Attitude.


Note: This is a sponsored article and has NOT been written by the PaGaLGuY Editorial Team. It is intended from an informational perspective only and it is upto the readers to research and verify the claims and judgements in the article before reaching a conclusion.