MATS: Study Abroad Program

MATS Institute of Management and Entrepreneurship is an illustrious part of the Jain Group of Institutions (The JGI Group) led by Dr. R. Chenraj Jain Chairman The JGI Group. The JGI Group established its first institution in 1990 Sri Bhagawan Mahaveer Jain College, SBMJC. MATS Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship was the first institution of the JGI Group to offer Post Graduate Programs in Management. MATS was established in 2001. Today the JGI Group represents a cluster of 59 vibrant educational establishments. In 20 years, the Group has grown to serve over 30000 students and 3120 staff members engaged at the P-12, undergraduate & postgraduate levels across 25 campuses and centers of excellence.

The JGI Group had the vision of offering innovative programs to the student community. Accordingly, Jain University came into existence in 2008. MATS Institute of Management & Entrepreneurship offers the Jain University MBA programs in addition to its flagship AICTE-Approved PGDM Program. MATS plays a very important role in the Jain University in design of syllabus, pedagogical approaches, examination system, foreign collaborations and in the Ph.D. programs of Jain University.

With the Track record of 10 years, Co-design of the Curriculum with industry ensures that there is no gap between classroom learning and industry practices, the learning is maximized through experiential learning, Case studies, Mentoring, workshops and a wide variety of student driven activities like Concepts Review, and Current Events Analysis, Activities beyond the Curriculum like the Organization Study, Internship and Research project focus on Application of Knowledge. MATS Provides Superior Learning Experience through EBSCO E-Journals, Air-Conditioned Classrooms, Seminar Halls, Auditoriums, Wi-Fi on campus and subscribed Company Databases of PROWESS.

MATS is one among the very few pioneering institutions in India which provide a genuine and recognized Study Abroad opportunities through Student Exchange Agreements with NIBES partners, ESC-Rennes, France and the Dual Degree Program with ESC-Bretagne, France. NIBES (Network of International Business and Economic Schools) is an international academic and educational network that is presently composed of economic and business related educational institutions from 18 countries. MATS is one of the two members representing India. This consortium-type network is quite different from the normal one-to-one exchange agreements in that it stresses multi-lateral exchanges on a global basis. Examples of the latest programs on the agenda are the “Euro-campus,” and the “Global Student Exchange Program.”

MATS is consistently ranked among best B Schools in South India from 2003 onwards. More than 28 students from France, Germany and Portugal have studied at MATS and a good number of MATS students have studied in these countries under student exchange programs. MATS also has faculty exchange arrange where the faculty from these International B-Schools and Universities visit MATS to teach selected number of courses to the students and vice-versa.

The top of the line Dual Degree Program with ESC-Bretagne, France offers MBA from Jain University plus MIB (M.Sc. in International Business) from ESC-Bretagne, France. The selected students will complete 3 semesters and Internship with Jain University in India and will study for 2 semesters in ESC-Bretagne, France in order to qualify for a dual degree program.

The main highlight of this recognized dual degree program is the cost advantage that student gets over studying directly abroad as well as there is no risk of taking up GMAT or any other competitive exam, choosing and applying for different universities, minimum bank balance requirements, issues relating to visa and accommodation problems etc.,

Students greatly benefit from the tie up between MATS and industry by being a member of various prestigious national and international bodies like CII, AIMA, BMA, NHRD, AIMS, NIPM and Association of Asia Pacific Universities Thailand.

Come, Join us for a wonderful journey towards brighter future and a successful life.
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