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    Being a student at the School of Inspired Leadership is a one-year journey inwards. It begins with the unique admission process that allows students to discover their gifts and talents. Supported by robust one to one mentoring program with corporate leaders and faculty, students discover their journey to work-readiness. Unmatched industry interaction opportunity through internships, leadership series and role model leadership circle helps students relate classroom learnings with the real world. Here’s why a SOIL MBA stands out from the rest in the country:

    Co-Created by 32

    School of Inspired Leadership is co-created by a group of 32
    Multinational and Indian companies from across industry verticals. Consortium Companies have a key involvement in the
    program right from the start through networking events, mentorship, workshops
    and finding career opportunities for students

    Curriculum & Learning

    SOIL is known for its carefully
    designed curriculum delivered through globally renowned faculty – academicians
    and industry practitioners. Dedicated academic centers of excellence in
    Marketing, Finance, Data Analytics & Human Resource Leadership provide
    great focus on research and deeper dives into various industry. Being a Harvard
    publishing partner, Soil uses the Harvard case study approach extensively in

    Delhi NCR advantage

    SOIL is Located in the heart of Gurgaon- the business HUB of India and
    services capital of the world. Placed
    at the cross-roads of corporate development and a budding start-up ecosystem,
    SOIL students experience the best of both worlds through an unmatched
    networking platform for young leaders and achievers.

    Value based experiences

    Annual Himalayan retreat, Theatre
    Values workshop, Practice of morning and positive appreciations give students a
    once in lifetime diverse experience. The practice of Self Awareness and
    Wellness & Yoga helps students assimilate learnings from their SOIL journey
    that prepares them for a life time of learning and leadership excellence.  

    Social Innovation Project

    The Social Innovation Program aims to foster social responsibility
    in SOIL students. This program takes place through the entire duration of the
    one-year course-work starting from the second term onwards. SOIL has partnered
    with several NCR based organizations and the students spend one day every week
    working with these partners.


    Each year SOIL attracts experienced students from
    varied backgrounds who enrich the peer learning experience. The unique curriculum
    design at SOIL facilitates structured as well as unstructured opportunities for
    peer learning.


    SOIL students are assigned two mentors – a corporate leader
    as well as an internal faculty member. The mentoring program provides them an
    opportunity to seek career guidance from seasoned corporate mentors,
    practitioners and faculty; build network; and achieve their learning and career

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