How Leadership is Taught at School Of Inspired Leadership

SOIL has a great focus on Leadership Skills and its impact on student development both inwards and outwards helping shape leaders of Consequence. Leadership at SOIL is taught and practiced through the following unique practices:

Self-Leadership Module

At SOIL every student goes through a module on Self Leadership, as part of which they undergo an experiential transformational journey where they are asked to draw out ‘Life Maps’ with clearly defined goals. This enables every student to explore how they could lead their physical, emotional and intellectual selves so as to give off their best.


The Caliper assessment tool used by SOIL starts with who the individual is and determines how that person can fit and grow within the organization. It provides data for measuring a person’s potential, personality characteristics, individual motivations, and likely behaviors on the job. A personalized Caliper result is generated for every student to help them identify their strengths and weaknesses in order to help them become better leaders.

Appreciative Enquiry Learning Retreat

Every batch of SOIL spends one week in the foothills of the Dhauladhara in Sidhbari (Dharamshala) as a part of our Learning Retreat – a transformational experience. Students here are sensitized to a different approach in life – churning the positives in them through Appreciative Inquiry. This retreat helps them learn from their past and prepare for the future.

Individual Learning Plan (ILP)

ILP a personalized document that is created for every student during an intensive career development center using the Caliper profile coupled with Behavioral interviews. This plan helps maximize their learning potential while at SOIL.

The Practice of the Morning Circle

Morning Circle is a daily ritual at SOIL where students spend the first 20 minutes of the day in sharing positive stories and reflecting inwards while discussing goals for the day. Some of the skills practiced everyday include communication, positive story sharing, mutual respect, empathy, self-discipline and problem solving. This simple practice enables social and emotional development to develop models of citizenship and character in students. 

Learning Mindfulness through Theater

SOIL students undergo a 5-day mandatory theatre program with the nation’s best theatre teachers to address and strengthen individual value system through powerful simulations and role plays. It introduces students to the essential skills in drama and to use the skills as a medium to combine it with the subject of ethics such as voice projection, emphasis on words, intonation, thrust in sentences and natural usage of body language to convey meaning.  This helps each individual student experience magnified self-awareness, a positive personal development and psychological self-expression.

Wellness & Spirituality

At SOIL, Yoga, Wellness & Spirituality are an integral part of
the program and are interwoven into the everyday experience of the students.  It helps the students balance, harmonize and
purify their body and minds and build positivity. This process helps them
channelize their energies in developing themselves better, thereby making them
better leaders.   

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