The Sitting Disease!

We belong to the new generation where we aspire and want to be among the best. To stand out from the rest. To be better. To prove ourselves. To make our parents proud. We are taught to be better than our fellow-mates! We are taught to excel. In this whole phenomenon what goes amiss is the little joys and pain of physical stress. The new generation is a stressed generation and the one with disorders-mostly pertaining to psyche. The whole exercise concentrates on utilization of our psyche. What goes unattended is the physical aspect of the body.

Most of the people around have sitting jobs. They sit for hours glued to the screen. The recent research has brought out some amazing facts that the folks today need to know. So, today I put these findings here. And leave it up to you to decide what you want to do with it.

The sitting disease is real.Hours of excessive time in your chair can mess up your health. The illnesses that sitting disease can unleash don’t discriminate; they strike people without regard for age, sex, culture or income bracket. And, most surprisingly, gym aficionados aren’t necessarily safe either.

Hour upon hour spent planted on your tush means your body’s tissues, organs and metabolism aren’t engaged. The longer you sit, the less efficient your body’s systems become. Eventually, they start to stumble.If you’re sitting around for most of the day, metabolic activity stalls. Insulin isn’t used effectively and, instead of being absorbed by your body, glucose builds up in your blood. Cholesterol levels increase as well.

Inflammation, obesity, increased weight gain around your middle are other possible consequences. And if the metabolic symptoms and diseases haven’t scared you out of your chair yet, you should also know that a sedentary lifestyle creates poor posture, curvature of the spine and painful protruding discs in the neck and back. Sitting is anything but pretty.

So now? The answer is to look for opportunities to reduce and frequently break up your sitting time.