do not believe in failure

Since I was in college I was keen to pursue a management degree and also one more thing was clear in my mind that I do not want to enter a management college as a fresher, I want some industry exposure and only after 2-3 years of work experience I will pursue my management education. Once I joined my current organisation I was very excited to be part of such a big diversified group. Soon I realized that corporate life is very demanding and if you want to move up the corporate ladder fast you should have some edge over others. This edge can be achieved by having 10-15 years of experience or through higher education like a management degree. After 2 years of my job when I thought to start preparing for the CAT, I find it very difficult initially. I was not getting much time to prepare as my job involves lot of travelling and also my job location, Chittaurgarh is a very small city so I did not have the facility to join any coaching institute.My office was 6 days a week and the job was very strenuous, I used to go office at 7:30 AM and used to come back by 6:00 PM, due to this I was not getting much time to prepare.Any how I managed to prepare somehow and gave the CAT in 2012 and was able to score a meager 90 percentile much below my own expectations. After the CAT 2012 results I thought like quitting my plans for MBA, but after consulting with some of my friends who are already pursuing MBA or have completed their degree I decided to give it one more try. After taking a gap from studies for few months I again started preparing for the exam in April 2013. This time I made a strict study plan for myself and maintained a balance in my official duties and CAT preparation. I used to come back from office at 6 PM, used to take some rest and after dinner I made it a practice to study for at least 2 hrs daily. With GOD grace and my dedication I was able to score 99.15 percentile in CAT 2013. When I look back and analyse, I feel it was a very appropriate decision to prepare for MBA after some work experience as now I am more mature and better understand the usefulness of MBA degree. During this phase I understood the value of time management, patience and learned to make balance between official and personal goals. Instead of going for a rat race and joining management program right after my graduation, I went for core industry job and gained some industry exposure. Now I am financially more stable, I can finance my MBA which will reduce burden from my parents shoulder. Also I am clear about my career goal and the type of learning that I want from my management degree.