The potential of time cannot be underrated. Have we ever given a thought to how much a few months can impact us?

I hadn’t. Until I came to MICA and felt, for the first time ever, that I really knew myself. MICA is a place that brings out the real you. It is in the way that it lets you live the way you want, unapologetically, that you first begin to love MICA.

There is a process it takes you through and if you surrender to the serendipity, you will emerge on the other side as a changed and more real version of who you thought you could be.

MICA makes you question. Why do we think of things the way we think of them? Is there an underlying feature of human behaviour that makes us think that way? What has gone into the making of this behaviour?

MICA makes you open. A bunch of 180 really diverse people from all across the country brought together in what is literally the melting pot of ideas — you grow more than you’d think. My room, Parijat 14, houses both Delhi and Mumbai. Much against the stereotype, we get along just fine.

MICA makes you think out of the box. The walls at MICA are food for thought. The graffiti on hostel walls, the iconic Chhota walls and even the walls of students’ rooms speak of creativity that is inspiring.

MICA prepares you for the horrors of the “real world”. Because of the quintessential B-School life, we all have been programmed to function on minimal sleep and still show up at our best. We know things get rough sometimes and have had many 4 am chais at Chhota to sail through.

MICA becomes home. Over and above the world-class education, MICA has become my home in a very short time. The extended companionship through consistent challenges could be the reason why. But I want to believe there’s another reason and that is much like what the Cheshire Cat said about Wonderland — “We’re all mad here.”

Shreya Sawleshwarkar -PGP25

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