The Registration Process For IBSAT 2018 Exam

IBSAT is the entrance exam meant for PG candidates who wish to make their future in the MBA field through the College of Indian Business School. IBS is a trusted brand name that has been around for a quite some time. The ideology of IBS is as follows:   

“The correct learning is unmistakably a basic achievement factor in business. The correct learning infers pertinent, contemporary and front-line information, in the hypothesis and routine with regards to an assortment of center, useful and integrative subjects”.

As training goes before hypothesis in business, measure up to accentuation is put on ideas and applications. This mixing of thoughts and activities is accomplished through different instructive procedures like addresses, contextual investigations, business recreations, the late spring entry-level position program, and the administration look into tasks.

What makes a difference most in business is the thing that one can really do. Doing great suggests acing and applying the aptitudes – expert, individual and human – required for compelling basic leadership and execution. IBS, as a school, enables the understudies to sharpen these aptitudes through a progression of delicate abilities lab sessions planned over the span of the program. Likewise, case-based learning at IBS enables understudies to grow great investigative abilities.

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Steps to Register for IBSAT (The Simple Way)


  • Click on the link where the registration form is.


IBS has sales centers all across the map in India. As soon as you click the link, a notification will go off in the closest sales center. As soon as this happens, you will get a follow-up email/phone call from that center where they will ask you whether you are interested.


  • Talk to the Salesperson and do as he says


One of the good things about IBS is that they believe in a personal touch. As soon as you give your consent, a salesperson/official will reach your house with all the necessary documents. He’ll walk you through the entire process and also help you get registered online. He will ask for identification documents and marks-cards so keep those handy


  • Download the completed form and pay the exam fees


Exam fees are important and yes, IBS does charge for the exam. IBSAT is almost like CAT in its processes even though its level is slightly lower than the Common Admission Test


  • Download the receipt for payment and send it to the salesperson (If needed)


This is confirmation and assurance for both parties involved. You get to know that you have paid, and your payment has been received and the sales center people get to know that they have converted a potential lead.


  • Finally, make sure to download the examination hall ticket


This is the main part at the end. The examination hall ticket is the most important part of your examination. If you do not have the hall ticket, then you will not be allowed to sit for the exams.


  • Sign the hall ticket and you are good to go


Keep a passport size photo handy. You may have to attach it to the hall ticket once you’re in the presence of the invigilator.

Registering for IBSAT is an extremely easy process. The abovementioned process is very easy to do since IBS sales centers take care of most of the process. This will help you easily prepare for the exam without having to worry about or get distracted by the processes that might come with other admission tests.

Online registration process→

If you’re not willing to wait for a sales officer, you can always go ahead and register yourself on your own using the online form.

  • Click on the registration link, create your id.
  • Fill in your personal details such as the bio-data and your academic credentials
  • Then attach your residential addresses and your government identification documents
  • Then fill in the verification to prove that you’re human and not a robot.
  • Then follow instructions carefully

Registering for IBS can really have a good impact on your life. IBS, using a variety of teaching materials and case studies, offers students a synthesis of Indian and International perspectives that best reflect the realities of today’s multinational, multicultural business milieu. 

This abovementioned process will meet your needs and you will be able to successfully register for the exam regardless of which way you choose.

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