The night before the exam

If you think that after taking so many exams, you have mastered your fears, you are wrong. The terror called examination still looms large over our being. This fear surfaces whenever we have to take one. It is not the subject that scares us, but our weaknesses, be it self-doubt or lack of confidence, that surface in the form of examination fear.

The night before exams in the engineering colleges is worth watching. It’s silent chaos. You will find students engrossed in their books all through the night as if their entire life depends on how much they manage to study at the eleventh hour and how will they fare in the next day’s exam. And if you dare to ask someone how much they have covered, be ready for a mind blowing answer. 

Old habits die hard. You still ask after all engineers are the most curious of the lot. What can they do? If that student has covered too much and you have done too little, you will study all through the night to do whatever it takes to outwit him.
Day and night seem like one.

Time is running but still there’s a lot in the syllabus that needs to revision. Either you feel ravenous, or hunger just vanishes away. Eating food is a sheer waste of time, or so you think. It’s just that hot cup of coffee that helps you stay awake. You are scared at the mere thought of sleep. What if you sleep and aren’t able to wake up after an hour. But there’s little that you can do before the mighty sleep. You surrender. Those last two topics haven’t been covered, but you doze off, hoping to complete the remaining bits in the morning. 

Alarms come into the picture at this juncture as your knight in shining armour to rescue you from the tentacles of sleep. You deploy an army of ringing machines to wake you up but in vain. Sleep doesn’t let go of you. And so you sleep away to glory. That’s how the night ends and when you wake up, it is a new day, the D-Day. 

The pressure that a student feels during the days before the exams is tremendous. The course just weighs him down. Without proper motivation and support of teachers and students, it becomes difficult for him to sail through. Take utmost care of time management and health. So eat and sleep well.
All the best!

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