For the past several months, you have invested a lot of your time in travelling to your MBAG Centres, attending ADAPTIVE sessions & Modules, figuring out your strengths and weaknesses all along, attending EXCEED workshops, working your way through the maze of books, studying online, taking online and offline tests, writing AIRCATs, analyzing them, taking ADAPTIVE skill tests. The efforts that you have put in, even at their worst, are nothing less than remarkable.

However, the past few weeks would have been both testing and distracting for you or some of your friends around you whose intensity towards CAT/MBA Prep would begin to show signs of dropping. AIRCAT/FLT scores and percentiles may not have helped much. So, from being caught up in placements and internships, to thinking that you can save travel time and sit in your room and study, there would have been several reasons for your lower intensity. It is something that is natural. Something that happens almost every year with a certain percentage of students – who get placed or distracted; disinterested or satisfied! The CAT drawing closer also makes some of you feel that you are not ready right now and maybe next year would be your year – but then, we do feel more comfortable about keeping our dreams at a distance, don’t we? Even when we have a chance to make them come true NOW!

Just pause for a moment, close your eyes and imagine yourself at your Dream B-School – IIMA/B/C/FMS perhaps?

The assignments, the projects, the presentations, the fun, the learning, the experience, the friends you will make, the courses you will take, the hearts you will break ? (well 2 States certainly didn’t get it all wrong) and finally the placements, the packages that you will crack, or the entrepreneurial path you will take and ensure a successful career for yourself and serve as an inspiration for many others. The pride and the confidence you will carry with you for your life!

Isn’t that worth a little more effort?

A few more weeks of intensity and sweat?

A few more hours everyday to ensure a great icing on the cake?

A few more workshops every week to ensure you do not miss out on anything?

A few more metro-travels to your study center to surround yourself with those who are still going strong and getting stronger in their pursuit of their dream?

A few more interactions with your mentors to clear your head of the cob-webs of doubt and gain confidence?

A few more tests to ensure that you get that Para-Jumbles thing sorted out in your head?

You have come a long way from where you started with us on your journey to crack CAT-16 – but here comes the last mile where the race is decided.

You have played long and hard so far and hung in there – but here come the final few overs or points where the match is decided.

You started on a journey that will culminate in a beautiful finale – all that matters now is how strong will you finish.

All those hours of efforts will finally yield their worth if you hold onto your dream tightly now.

So, control your mind, spur it into action, don’t lose focus, don’t lose intensity, don’t lose confidence, don’t let go of your dream!

Attend the workshops, attempt those tests you have been putting off, meet other students at the Centre, take time and meet with your mentors!

You must know and believe that the rigorous ADAPTIVE Prep that you have undertaken has prepared you extremely well to combat any challenge that the entrance exams will throw your way!

So to  prepare you for the last mile we also have a 4-week plan that will show you tangible steps to make it possible. The 4-week plan can be referred in the next article. Refer to Our 4-Week Plan

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