The Dreadful Drop

“Oh my God! I got admission in Engineering. Thank God. I thought I had to drop another year to prepare. Can you imagine doing that all over again?” Now, imagine your best friend saying this to you. And wishing it was not the same thing you had to do. Yes, we are talking about The Dreadful Drop. So what if I couldn’t get admission in the first try? So what if all the people around me did get an admission and would be going to their dream colleges (more or less)? It’s not that bad or is it? Lots of engineering colleges around us (the quantity, not the quality) and when you can’t get in at your first try, it’s not easy to deal with.

Not only do you have to face the bitter fact that the life moves on

with you keeping stagnant, also you have to prepare yourself for the

difficult year to come. Birthdays, weddings, festivals etc, I have to

leave them at the bay if I want to do something in my future, just for a

year, this was the mantra.

Listening to the fun filled stories of all your ex school mates and

pretending to be really interested was one of the hardest parts. They

thought it was a motivation to get a glimpse of the college life. If only

they knew how bitter it made you from the inside.

Soon, you stop

talking to most of your old pals as it reminded you of the time passing

you by. And life revolves around that one single day, single test that

could change your life, for better or for worse.

So, cheers to all those droppers, who took the tough decision to stay

and prepare for the year to get in their dream colleges. They have

tackled that dreadful year of doubts and questions and came out alive!

You all are the real heroes. Salute to all.

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