Make most of your time in engineering college

Many of us end up becoming engineers because all through our growing up years we aspired to be one. Some of us opt for it under parental pressure. The reasons may be different, but there is one similarity that is common amongst all. After joining college, we commit the same mistakes. We realize it but only after completing our course. By then it is late to make amends.

Personally, I feel that most of the engineering students avoid learning the concepts. They only try to cram on the night before the exam, without knowing why and what they are studying. For them, passing the exam is more important than scoring well or for that matter knowing the topic or subject well. Even though they somehow manage to pass the exams, it isn’t of any help to them in future. It is a blunder because each and every single concept that we learn as an engineer will be helpful to us someday or the other. Without complete knowledge of the concepts, an engineer can never give 100% to his work. 

Another common mistake is that the students are unable to strike a healthy balance between leisure (enjoyment) and work (study). They are either engrossed in their studies or completely ignore it for the sake of pleasure. Hang out with friends and enjoy as much as you can because this is certainly the best time of one’s life. However, this fun shouldn’t happen at the cost of studies. Do not be a geek in the college who knows nothing beyond the books. But avoid being a party animal too. The tag that you want for yourself is entirely your choice.

The next mistake that most of the students tend to make is to bunk classes quite often. It is okay to skip some classes but to be a student at an engineering college, in absentia, will not help. Even if the lectures are boring, one shouldn’t miss classes. It will be good to know something new that will stand you in good stead.

Budding engineers have crazy sleeping and eating habits. They stay up all night, completing their assignments and projects or watching movies and TV series. They gorge on junk food. One must not forget that health is wealth. These bad habits will take a toll on your health.

Last but not the least, engineers are the biggest procrastinators. They tend to postpone their work until the eleventh hour. We should try and complete our assignments and projects ahead of schedule.

These four years will decide our future. The good and bad will be carried forward with us. There is a lot to learn so don’t waste this opportunity. Your degree is just a gate pass to the actual learning. Real college is four years away.

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