Woman, a term used to coin a female human, definitely does not mean “woo-man”. She is a mother, a sister, a daughter, a wife, a friend and more importantly, she is human. In today’s world though, she’s Nirbhaya too.

Whatever you give a woman, she is going to multiply it. If you give her a sperm, she will give you a baby. If you give her a house, she will give you a home. If you give her your respect, she will give you her life. If you give her liberty, she will give you her love but if you give her any wrong, she will give you a life full of suffering.

The journey of being a woman in INDIA-

When she is born, she rejoices for herself. Her family isn’t. They wanted a son. She didn’t know it now, for she is just a child. She craves for her father’s lap, but silently acknowledges when her father’s lap is occupied by her own little brother, for she is told that she is a good sister. She goes to school, but not the same as her brothers’, for she is told that it involves a lot of money and she is a good daughter. As she grows, but is told not to wear a skirt, for she is told that she is a good girl. She is stared shamelessly by an unknown, but she is told to remain silent, for she is a timid character. Now, she enters her womanhood, and is told to leave her home and get married to someone she doesn’t really know. She is now a wife, and no longer a daughter, for she is told it is her destiny. She feels a kick in her womb, and her whole world changes. She is now a mother. She spends her whole life feeding her children and sacrificing her own meal, but when the winter of age strikes her, she has her eyes glued on the doors of the hospital waiting for that last meal from them. A meal that can let her eyes shut down. But that meal never came. Facing all this, there she is, strong and shining like a diamond!

Woman- An eternal smile.

Having to occupy so many roles throughout her endearing journey, she never complains and she never lets her smile fade away. Not only does she smile throughout, she endures, and smiles. A world without her smile is like a body with no heart. That is the beauty of being her. Knowing the reality of the world in which she lives in and still managing to smile is a brave thing. It is a feat only a few could achieve and it is definitely a thing no man can do.

Woman- Strength Personified

When we see a woman, we generally picture her crying over small issues, for example, watching an emotional movie. But, the very fact of her crying does not make her timid. In fact, it makes her even stronger due to the fact that she does not pretend to be someone she is not. Not everyone can do that.

She might be enduring the pain this world is giving her, but when she decides to raise her voice, the whole world stands up and listens She is a single mother, and a proud one too. She is a little overweight but she is always inspirational. In the end, little things like her grace, care, temper, compassion, and even unpredictable emotions at times, all of it makes her more beautiful. And, to be the one to bring a new life into this world, makes her beauty unparalleled.

Nobody should try to limit the things a woman could or should do. What we need today is not giving woman a special status, but giving her the liberty to explore those limitations. That’s all she needs.

So, in the starting the, question was, “What is the beauty of being a woman?”In the end, it should rather be,“Is there any beauty without a woman?”

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