Magic Wardrobe-2

A slimmer of bright white light came out from the water and got disappeared. The water flashed upside and i saw the reflection of Ayaan being pulled inside that scary building by that ghost. All the water around me got vanished within a second leaving no sign of wet mud or so.

I don’t exactly remember the chant. It was probably some other language

I rushed immediately back to the woods. It was all silent now like it should be just before the early dawn. I was panting continuously but kept running with an strange feeling of affection for that person. I suppose i loved him. My voice was choking but i dared not to cry. As i was coming nearer to the building leaves started shedding enormously with the familiar sound of growling coming from the way i was heading to.

And when i came out of the woods,suddenly everything became silent again. The walkway leading up to the house was cracked. Weeds and dandelions poked out from those cracks. The moonlight cast a ghoulish glow on the house. Red roses grown wildly in thick batches by the gate. Cobwebs covered the corners of the door, tiny black spiders threading towards their prey.

The door grudgingly creaked open. A lot of musty black talking birds flew by me.

“Save him,” Some birds chirped.

Some others said,”Your death has brought you here.”

I made my back into the hallway. It was then i heard a loud noise from a room. I approached and opened the door. Dust swirled around the room as i made my way inside. A mirror lay shattered in pieces on the floor with blood droplets falling from the ceiling. When i moved my eyes up i saw the ceiling getting cracked. It was about to fall. And i ran for my life. I almost got saved. As soon as i stepped out, the whole room changed into mud. Some corner of my mind was still trying to join all the pieces of this puzzle when the same growling sound of that monster caught my attention.

” Get out of here Sayra.” Ayaan screamed.

The sound was coming from the room on the upper floor. I arrived at the foot of the staircase. I stood and peered at the top, wondering when that monster will crawl down and have me for dinner. I summoned strength and tiptoed my way up to the stairs. Each step intensified the creaking and moaning as if the steps could collapse any moment. And the same happened when i was just about to step out of the staircase it merged into two pieces. I was about to fall into a large hole beneath the staircase that seemed like ending into the middle of nowhere. I held the grill of the staircase from both the hands. But it didn’t work much. My hands were losing the grip over it slowly and then i saw Ayaan thrown onto the ground fiercely.

” Ayaan. You will be fine.” I shouted.

Now my hands were at the edge of the grill. Ayaan was looking at me helplessly. His eyes were wet. He struggled to bend his knees and get up but failed.

” I am here Sayra. Don’t worry. No matter what happens. Our love will always keep us together.” He murmured. He stood up gathering all his courage and stood on the side of the dark hole i was hanging inside. The beast had not showed up again. He hastily tied a knot of the rope lying on the floor to a giant table and tied the other edge around his body. Here i was sure about the ‘going-to-be’ lost existence in the next few seconds.

“Ayaan. I love you. Sorry i couldn’t make it up to you. I couldn’t let the destiny change.” I sobbed.

” No way Sayra. Hold on a bit more please. Make your grip tighter.” He shouted reluctantly.

Ayaan went a few steps ahead in order to jump into that hole and save me. He came running forward and the rope helped him in hanging.

“Give me your hand.” He shouted.

I moved my one hand off the grill and tried to reach out to Ayaan. My hands had gone numb. I kept trying moving my hand towards his. He too was trying his best. It seemed like he will hold me and my fingertips touched his palm. It was a heavenly feeling. I felt relieved. I tried to extend my hand a bit more. Our hands collided. He was about to hold my hand, his fingers entwined with mine when a howl echoed throughout the building. And a gush of wind came and threw him again on the ground. I couldn’t hold the sudden shock and i lost my grip. As my hand slipped down i saw that dark haunted beast jumping incredibly faster and digging his big pointed teeth into Ayaan’s neck. On my way to the terrible unknown end i could only hear his loud screams more than my own.