It was only the second interview that I was giving and I was pretty much sure that both of us are gonna make. Atleast I was sure that you are gonna make no matter what happens because you had cracked the only other interview that both of has given . You already had a exciting job prospect and I was having a boring job prospect but both of us were still happy.

You were always the smart confident and beautiful one and I was hardworking and the chubby one. I still didn’t know how we were together.The college was an ok one also with a rank of 50 but all we knew that both of us wanted to be together . I specially shaved for that day and wore that stupid excuse of that shirt . I sat in the GD with my head held high and made both the starting and ending points with a few pushups in between as you said. I tried to made my interview as exciting as possible and even though I had less marks I was trying to prove that I was the one.After the process got over I saw you and realized how happy were you and how happy that smile made me.

After a few days the result came and you were wait listed. I wasn’t even wait listed but just to keep your momentum up i lied too. In the second list you got selected and i was stranded out there . You were way too happy and told me I am gonna get a better institute. I just smiled and was happy just to see you smiling . I got my joining city and it was the same city and we both were happy .

We both came to the city of dreams and both of us were happy. However after the college started your calls started dwindling and we rarely used to meet. Then one day I saw you with someone else just as happy as you were used to be with me. I didn’t said anything to you. After a few days the only word you said to me its not working and I am not ambitious . I just smiled and just saw you walk away .

Today I thank you because you made me more than ambitious , you made me a better drinker and smoker , you made me a bit more hard working and most of all you made me realize my potential. And today as I am leaving the city of dreams to pursue the course on the other end in one of the best colleges of the country in a course of my choice I just wanted to say thank you . And yeah I came back to that college and got selected