Telecom: The Way Forward

Telecom, being one of the fastest growing sectors, there is a great demand for skilled and qualified aspirants with a good technical know-how. Currently, India has over 900 million mobile subscribers, and the figure is expected to reach one billion mark shortly. India also has the second largest telecommunication network in the world.

With introduction of newer technologies, there is a plethora of new job opportunities in the hardware as well as the software domain of telecommunication. In spite of all the challenges, the industry is bound to grow further in the time to come. We have already witnessed exponential growth in tele-density in urban areas and slow but steady growth will be seen in rural areas too.

The telecom industry comprises many sub-verticals like Operators (Airtel, Vodafone etc), VAS (Onmobile, Verse etc), Research & Consulting(Crisil, KPMG, PWC etc), Active & Passive Infrastructure (Indus Towers, NSN, Ericsson etc), IT  (Infosys, TCS, HCL Technologies etc) etc., and hence there is something of interest for every budding techno-manager in the Telecom domain with a background of E&TC, IT, CS, Electricals etc.

In India, the telecommunication industry is poised for growth. With the advent of higher-bandwidth technology, there will be growth in applications that require that band-width and devices that can utilise that bandwidth. Therefore, no wonder why over 62 % of Telecom Management students of the passing out batch are already placed by mid December with Infosys, Crisil, Evalueserve, Pyro Group, NPCI, Indus Towers, Syntel, Tikona Digital, HCL Technologies etc That’s the way to Go, Telecom!

Dr. Seema Singh Zokarkar


Balaji Institute of Telecom & Management

E-mail: [email protected]